How to Get Cat Urine Smell Out of Carpet

When our feline friends mistake carpet for kitty litter, unpleasantness almost always ensues.  Our only hope is that we may find the accident before the smell sours and leaks deep within the fibers.  Cat urine smell is one of the less enjoyable parts of owning a cat, however with preventive steps it can be minimized.

In this guide, a range of solutions will be provided for removing cat urine odor for carpet.  By following the below tips, you will be able to increase your odds of eliminating you feline urine-based odor.

Suggested Steps

These steps will help you in removing the urine from the carpeting and the underlying padding, and return freshness to your carpeting.

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Step 1: Black Light

Cat urine is often smelled before it is visibly found within the carpeting.  Since the odor can often be challenging to find, it is recommended that you employ the use of a black light to locate the spot of your feline's accident.  Shut all of the blinds within the house, and survey the rooms in which the odor is coming from with the black light.  Using baking soda, mark the locations that need treatment and open the blinds up to begin working on the spots.

Step 2: Blot Dry

If the areas you've found are still wet it is recommended that you blot to locations with a fresh cloth.  Be sure to press with full force to ensure that you draw as much of the urine from the carpeting as possible.

Step 3: Water Down

Once the majority of the of the urine has been lifted out, pour water onto the spot and proceed to blot this liquid up.  By doing this two or three times, you will be able to further dilute the presence of kitty urine within the carpeting.

Step 4: Enzyme Deodorizer

Finally, pour a veterinary approved enzyme cleaning solution on the location which is emitting the sour odor.  The active enzymes eat through organics like urine and renders them odorless.  Pour this product on the location and provide 24 hours for it to resonate into the carpeting and underlying padding.  After a day has passed, return and blot the majority of the moisture from the flooring.  Enzyme carpet cleaner can be purchased at pet stores and most super markets.

Alternatives to Enzyme Solution

Often enzyme cleaning solution is not available.  In such cases, the following household ingredients can perform nearly as well in nuetraling the odor and returning the carpet to normal.

A. White Vinegar

Measure one part white vinegar and two part water and pour over the location of the accident.  Allow this solution to sit for 24 hours before returning to blot dry much of the moisture from the carpeting.  Since the smell of wet vinegar can also be unpleasant, you can expedite the drying process by opening windows within the affected room.

B. Baking Soda

Mix one part baking soda with five part water and pour contents on the location of the accident.  Provide a minimum of 24 hours for the solution to set before returning to blot dry the moisture from the carpeting.

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Stains and odors from pet’s urine can be a big problem. Even
after cleaning they often remains. Old cats have even more unpleasant odor.
the tips mentioned are very convenient to apply. But don’t punish your cats
ever for this.

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