How to Get Cat Urine Smell Out of Clothes

Our little feline friends often have strange ways of showing their affection.  The most uncomfortable display is undoubtedly when they choose to urinate on our clothing. This may be a sign of urinary incontinence diagnosable by a feline veterinarian, and treatment could be required after deodorizing the feline misfire.

Though kitty litter has it’s appeal, it seems that it is often not enough to prevent such occasions.  When this happens, it often can take days or even weeks to discover the deed, and in this time the smell ferments and becomes more difficult to remove.

Smell Removal Suggestions

These following suggestions will help in returning freshness within the fiber of your clothing.

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1. Hot Water

Washing clothing with hot water helps in opening up fabric and allowing detergent to get deep within the fiber.  Check the washing instructions for your clothing and set it the the maximum that it will allow.

2. Wash Again

Often washing clothing one time is not enough to remove to remove deep down urine odors.  When urine is left to set within clothing it will become entrenched within the fiber and usually require more than just one washing.  A second or even third washing can be enough to get urine soaked clothing smelling fresh again.

3. Baking Soda

This is a wonderful household ingredient for absorbing unwanted odors within clothing.  Measure half a cup of baking soda and add it within a detergent wash.  Adding baking soda usually gives a load the needed boost to remove urine odor within one wash cycle.  As an extra benefit, baking soda will make the whites whiter.

4. White Vinegar

This substance works wonders at neutralizing the smelly ammonia within cat urine.  Measure a full cup of white vinegar and pour within your normal detergent wash.  Combined with normal wash, it can help in restoring freshness within the fiber.

5. Air Dry

Hanging your clothes outside on a clothesline will do more in removing odors than throwing them within the dryer.  A fresh breeze and open space will work to carry off much of the unwanted odors.

6. Sun

Likewise, hanging the clothing within direct sunlight will have an added effect in  neutralizing cat urine odor.  The UV rays from the sun will work to dry out odor producing reside and freshen the clothing.

For myself
83 Years
Hialeah, Florida

I have an elderly cat who pees on my bath mats if let into the bathroom. I run
them through a hot wash with Borax and this gets the urine smell out 100%.

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100% Money Back Guarantee