How to Get Alcohol Smell Off Breath

In the morning following a bender many people experience the smelly side effects of alcohol breath. This stale stink can be embarrassing in social situations and deadly for any random person you may wake up next to.

Though getting rid of the stench may seem hopeless, there remain a handful of quick and dirty effective tips and tricks for freshening your breath on a moments notice. By using the below suggestions, you can slay your dragon’s breath and erase the evidence of your alcoholic indiscretion.

Smell Removal Solutions for Alcohol Breath

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1. Brush Teeth

However obvious this may seem, brushing one's teeth is one of the most effective tools in eliminating alcohol breath. If you expect to be crashing somewhere other than your home, consider packing a toothbrush and toothpaste for the occasion. A travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste work well for this and can be fit within a purse or a man's pockets.

2. Mouthwash

Similar to brushing teeth, the use of mouthwash can work wonders in removing the stench of alcohol from your breath. Travel sized Listerine can be packed to battle this planned morning breath on a moments notice. When selecting a mouthwash, opt for one in neon green or blue that will usually indicate that it contains a natural astringent. Otherwise, you will just be battling alcohol breath with another form of alcohol.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

If all you can find is hydrogen peroxide, you can use this as another form of mouthwash. Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient in several leading mouthwashes and can be highly effective in combating alcohol breath. When using, be sure to mix this in equal parts with water to dilute it before sipping and swishing within your mouth.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Although this is probably good advice in regardless of the alcohol breath, the consumption of several cups of water can help in washing down that stale odor within your mouth. For best, results, it is advisable that you consume a minimum of two to three cups of water to banish this foul odor from your mouth.

5. Pack Mints or Gum

Another tried and true solution for immediately improving the stench of alcohol breath is to crew gum or consume mints in the morning following a night of heavy drinking. These breath fresheners can easily fit within pockets and can be used immediately after waking up.

6. Devour an Apple or Orange

The fiber in apples and the citric acid in oranges are effective in cutting through alcohol breath. Upon waking up in the morning, try to hunt down one of these fruit for immediate consumption. Although some stale breath may remain, much of the stench will be eliminated.


Although every youth has a reckless side, these tips should never be used to drink and drive. These bad breath reduction suggestions are written to combat alcohol breath in the morning when you have become fully sober. Drinking and driving is both dangerous to your own health as well as others.

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