How to Get Bacon Smell Out of House

Though bacon can be a delicious part of a breakfast experience, it is a food that can smell up the entire house during it’s cooking process. The bacon stench can be quite powerful and can last long after it has been eaten for breakfast.

Fortunately, there are several things that can be done to remove this smell from the house, and make this breakfast smell a thing of the past.  By following the below instructions, you can be sure the that the bacon odor will be swept out leaving the house smelling fresh.

Smell Removal Solutions

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1. Open Windows

Opening the windows will do much to help the circulation of fresh air throughout the house.   The more windows that are open within the home,  the more fresh air will be able to come in and push the unwanted bacon cooking stench outside.

2. Boil Cinnamon

This practice can work well in covering any traces left behind from cooking bacon.  Fill a pot with water and add in a teaspoon oc cinnamon within the pot.  This mixture can be cooked in parelel with the bacon or after the bacon for a duration of 30 minutes.  Once you have boiled this solution for 30 minutes, you will find it difficult to detect anything within the house but the gentle aroma of cinnamon.

3. Burner Fan

Be sure to leave the fan above the burners running to suck unwanted bacon odors out during and after it has been prepared.  This will ensure that much of the bacon smell does not have the opportunity to dissipate throughout the home throughout the cooking process.

Smell Product Solutions

1. Febreze

This product is very handy at removing odors on short notice and leaving very little smell behind.  Spray down the kitchen and the room that it is connected to with 3-4 bursts of spray.  You will quickly notice that much of the odor is effortlessly wiped away.

2. Oust Spray

This is another product that comes in a range of scent to cover household odors. Spray down the kitchen and adjoining rooms, and all evidence of bacon stink will quickly be replaced with the selected scent of the Oust spray.

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