How to Get Burnt Popcorn Smell Out of House

Burnt popcorn is one mishap that can impart seriously foul consequences on one’s kitchen and home. The smoky stale stench can carry through the house and remain long after the unfortunate accident has taken place.

Fortunately, there remain several things within out individual deodorizing arsenals to minimize the time that the smell lingers within the home and eliminate any residual stink. The below steps can help to ensure a quick freshening effect and remove any remaining burnt scent from the home.

Burnt Popcorn Smell Removal Solutions

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1. Open All Doors & Windows

As your first step, it is important to immediately open all windows and doors within your home. This is especially important with the windows within the kitchen that are close the source. This will allow fresh air to sweep through the home and sweep out the unpleasant burnt popcorn smell as soon as possible.

2. Throw Out Burnt Popcorn

As a secondary action, you will want to throw out the chard remains of your burnt popcorn within the outdoor trash. These remains continue to emit odorous smoke long after they have been cooked, so take action as soon as possible to remove them from the home.

3. White Vinegar Spray

Once you have air out the home and removed the burnt popcorn, you can begin to make a white vinegar deodorizing spray. This household acid will work to cut through the smelly residues that cling to the surfaces of walls, flooring and counter tops. Begin by mixing a solution of one part white vinegar with four parts warm water inside a generic spray bottle. Proceed to spray the kitchen and affected adjoining rooms with a deodorizing mist. Once you have made sure that all areas have been lightly sprayed, leave the windows and doors open to allow the moisture to naturally evaporate away and freshen the home.

4. Lemon Juice Spritz

In a similar method to vinegar, the use of lemon juice leverages the natural citric acid within the fruit to cut through odorous residues on household surfaces. Mix a solution of one part lemon juice with eight parts water and proceed to mist down all burnt smelling areas of the home. Once completed, the popcorn stench will be eliminated and replaced by a fresh smelling lemon scent inside the home.

5. Enzyme Mist Down

An enzyme based deodorizing spray can be used as a faster and more effective solution for eliminating burnt popcorn odor. This solution uses activated enzymes that will work to eat through the odorous burnt organics within your home's surfaces. Similar to previous solutions, you will need to lightly mist down all affected areas within the kitchen and adjoining rooms before allowing it to deodorize and dry away on it's own.

6. Boil Cinnamon + Vanilla Extract

As a final solution, a mixture of cinnamon and vanilla extract boiling on the stove can have a powerful impact in covering any burnt odors. Mix a solution of four cups of water and three teaspoons of cinnamon powder and vanilla extract within a pot. Heat the mixture within the pot and remain it at a boil for a minimum of 30 minutes. The resulting aroma-based steam will help in covering the unwanted stench of burnt popcorn odor in the kitchen and home.

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