How to Get Burnt Smell Out of Hair

When a curling iron goes lethal on your follicles, your hair can often be left with an undesirable burnt hair smell.  The odor produced can cut through the entire room, and fill it with the pungent toxic fume.

Within this guide a wide range of solutions will be provided for neutralizing this odor and adding freshness back within your follicles.  By following the below tips, you will be able to neutralize this odor and wipe out the smelly reminder of this unfortunate accident.

Burnt Smell Remove Solutions

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1. Rinse and Repeat

If one wash does not does not work, try washing your hair a second or  third time.  Often, it takes more than one rinse and repeat to remove evasive burnt odors from hair.

2. Baking Soda

The chemical compound within baking soda works wonders in wiping out odors.  Before entering the shower, create a homemade shampoo formula of water and baking soda in equal portions.  Work this solution into hair during shower, rubbing extra into the spot that experiences burn.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

This compound is used within a variety of household remedies, and can work well in combination with baking soda.  Pour small amounts onto affected areas of hair while in the shower, and thoroughly rub into burnt follicles.

4. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is effective in applying it's acid compound to burnt odors within your hair.  The citric acid strips the follicle of any residues and neutralizes unwanted odors.

5. Tea Tree Oil

This natural oil has a very strong smell that works in masking and then wiping out odors.  After washing your hair with this solution, it will flatten and go away upon drying.

6. Hair Down

By placing your hair down, you can free up your locks for air to sweep off some of the odor.  If some smell remains after trying other methods, you can leave your hair down for the day to wipe out the remaining odors.

7. Sun + Fresh Air

The sun and fresh air combined are a deadly combination for any odor.  Both UV rays and open spaces work to carry off unwelcome aromas from your hair.

8. Vodka

This party drink can double as a deodorizing compound.  The alcohol within vodka neutralizes odors as it soaks in and evaporates.  To use, simply pour some vodka into you palm and work into the affected strands of your hair.

9. Febreze

This product is a cornerstone solution for removing unpleasant smells from hair.  Be sure to heavily spray down the location of the burn with Febreeze and air dry for best results.

For myself
84 Years
McKinney, Texas

I agree with your Tea Tree Oil recommendation. Use Tea tree + Mint Shampoo and
it kills out any burn odors!

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