How to Get Campfire Smell Out of Clothes

Spending time around the campfire is a wonderful pastime for friends and family.  Regrettably, the smoke created can quickly make it’s way within clothing while conversations are being held and stories being shared.

 Fortunately, there remain several household solutions for lifting the campfire aroma off from clothing.  By following some of the below suggestions, you will be sure to remove this smokey stench to return your camping clothing to normal.

Traditional Washing Solutions

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1. Always Use Hot Water

Smells are best extracted by using while using hot water.  Before beginning a washing machine cycle, be sure to check the tags of your clothing to discover the maximum level of heat that they can withstand.  Once you know the limitations, be sure to set the wash cycle to the maximum amount of heat that the clothing will withstand.  Doing this will help to open the clothing fiber and allow for easier access of the detergent to the odorous campfire residues located on the clothing.

2. White Vinegar Cleanse

This household acid works to cut through difficult odors and add an extra deodorizing kick within any wash.  Measure a full cup of white vinegar and pour within the beginning of a normal detergent rinse cycle that includes the campfire affected clothing.

3. Baking Soda Boost

Similar to white vinegar, baking soda is another kitchen ingredient that has long been used to add a deodorizing boost within washing machine cycle. Begin a normal detergent wash cycle with the affected clothing, and simply pour in a half cup of baking soda within the first five minutes of the cycle.

4. Let Enzymes Eat It

Using an enzyme cleaner will have the effect of literally eating the smelly campfire residues off of the clothing.  Mix a solution of one part enzyme cleaner with ten parts warm water and dunk the affected campfire clothing within the mixture.  Allow for the clothing to sit for 2-3 hours before lifting the contents from the solution and placing within a normal detergent wash.

5. Hang In Sun

Rather than drying the clothing within the dryer, opt to air dry it outside within direct sunlight.  The open space, fresh air and ultraviolet rays will all work to help in neutralizing the unwanted odor.  If you suspect that a campfire odor still remains after placing your clothing through the washer, this is a good option to add additional freshness within the clothing fiber.

Deodorizing Solutions Without Washing

1. Vodka Spray Down

Besides being an excellent party drink, this substance has been used for generations for deodorizing unpleasant odors.  Mix a solution of vodka and warm water within a spray bottle.  Proceed to spray down the interiority of the clothing and hang them outside within direct sunlight.  As the vodka quickly evaporates, it neutralizes the campfire aroma and dries away odorlessly.

2. Lemon Juice Squeeze & Spray

The citric acid within lemon juice can work wonders in eliminating unwanted odors.  Mix one part lemon juice with eight parts warm water within a spray bottle.  Mist down the entire outside of area of the affected clothing until it is sufficiently moist.  Hang the clothing outside within direct sunlight and provide 3-4 hours for the formula to dry and for the campfire odor to be lifted off.

3. Deodorizing Product Spray

On short notice, a variety of deodorizing product sprays can be used to lessen the built up  smell of campfire odors.  Simply spray down the affected clothing and provide 30-90 minutes for the moisture to dry off and leave the clothing smelling fresh.  Packing a bottle of Febreze with your camping supplies can go a long ways in covering and eliminating campfire odors.

4. Activated Charcoal Box

If you have the time, using activated charcoal to deodorize your camp clothing can be an effective way to eliminate campfire odor without using any moisture. Place activated charcoal briquettes within an old pair of nylon leggings and place in an enclosed box with the campfire affected clothing.  Allow for the content of the enclosed box to sit for 5-7 days before returning to remove the freshened clothing.

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