How to Get Cat Smell Out of House

We love our feline companions, but often their dander build-up can be quite overwhelming.  Upon entering the house, kitty odor can deliver a strong punch that can send some visitors reeling.  To avoid being considered a crazy old cat lady amongst your peers, a speedy odor solution is needed to minimize this pungent odor.

In this guide, there are a range of solutions provided for cutting down kitty on the accumulation of this odor.  By following the below tips, you can increase your odds of eliminating this smell and make sure that it never rears its head again.

Cat Household Solutions

The below solutions will help in eliminating cat related odors once they have developed within the household.

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1. Open Windows

As a first step, opening the windows will allow for fresh air to circulate and work to carry away some of the unwanted odor.  This can also be beneficial later, as it will also allow you to better detect the source of an odor.

2. Wash Linens

If your cat commonly frequents you bed or other furniture with washable linens, be sure to run them through a detergent wash cycle.   This includes everything from bed sheets, pillow cases, couch cushion cases and any other linen which is safe to launder.

3. Clean Cat’s Favorite Furniture

On furniture that cats frequent, it is not unusually for a dander and smelly residue to accumulate.  In order to neutralize the odor within the furniture, you can use a formula of white vinegar.  Mix one part white vinegar with two parts water and spray down all of the fabric upholstery.  The vinegar will get deep within the fiber and work by cutting through the odorous residue.  Be sure to open windows within the room as the will speed the rate of evaporation.

4. Sprinkle Carpeting with Baking Soda

Cats spend countless hours on the ground, and during this time much of their hairs and dander can build within the carpeting.  When this happens baking soda can help in getting within the carpet fibers and absorbing the unwanted odors.  Lightly sprinkle baking soda over the entire surface area of the carpeting, and allow for it to set in for 24 hours.  After a day has passed, return to vacuum the powder up, leaving freshened carpeting behind.

5. Spray Vodka

This party drink can work wonders at freshening cat odors around the house.  Pour vodka within a spray bottle and mist down any locations where an odor is especially strong.  the alcohol immediately neutralizes most odors and quickly evaporates away.

Preventative Cat Odor Solutions

1. Keep Cat Clean

If your cat develops odor or grim within it's fur, it is important to wash your feline friend shortly after.  As much as they may resent you for a shampoo rinse, it will be better for your home in the long run.

2. Cover Cat’s Favorite Furniture

If your cat's favorite spot is the couch, be certain that you've placed a fabric cover over this piece of furniture.  Doing this will dramatically cut down on the amount of hair and dander that can get within the upholstery.

3. Keep Cat Litter Cat Accessible & Distant

The cat litter box play a crucial role in keeping your house smelling fresh.  If it is too difficult to get to, cat are likely to urinate in areas you would not like them to.  Likewise, if it is too central within your home, the smell from the box can drift like a cloud throughout the entire house.  Ideally, place your kitty litter box in a side mud room which is central within your home but receives little foot traffic.

4. Black Light

As a final preventative function prior to visiting your local veterinarian, you can scan the carpeting for cat urine with a black light.  Be sure that all the blind have been shut and mark the urine spray with baking soda so they can be found once the blinds are opened.  If accidents are found, it is best to use enzyme carpet cleaner which works by eating through the organic residue causing odor. 

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