How to Get Cat Urine Smell Out of Hardwood Floors

With the amount of time we find our cats spending on furniture, it is surprising to find a kitty urine deposit spread across our hardwood flooring.  The quality of our hardwood floor is a valuable thing, and many people don’t know how to remove the residual odor during a post kitty urine clean-up.

Fortunately, there do exist several solutions for cleaning and neutralizing urine odor after it has seeped within the grain fiber.  By following the tips below, you increase your odds of wiping out this unwelcome aroma, and restore freshness to your hardwood flooring.

Cat Urine Smell Removal Solutions

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1. White Vinegar

This solution is one of the most effective solutions for neutralizing urine odors within hard wood flooring.  The chemical properties directly combats the ammonia within urine and renders the urine odorless. Mix a formula of one part white vinegar with two parts water and pour on the hardwood flooring.  After 24 hours wipe the vinegar up and enjoy the freshened flooring.

2. Baking Soda

This household substance works for a variety of odor problems.  It effectively absorbs the odors from the wooden fiber and leaves hardwood flooring smelling fresh.  Create a mixture of one part baking soda with three part baking soda, and pour on the hardwood flooring.  Return in 24 hours to wipe up any remaining powder.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide

This chemical helps in breaking down odor creating organics within hardwood flooring.  The solution works by wiping out the odor and carries that added benefit of removing darken stains within the wood fiber.

4. Cat Litter

Similar the kitty litter box, this substance can come in handy in other areas of the house for removing urine based odors. Simply pour clean cat litter on on the locations of urine spill and provide 24-48 hours for the material to absorbe the unwelcome smell.

5. Enzyme Cleaner

Enzyme cleaners and deodorizers work fantastic at removing urine odors and usually come with a veterinary seal of approval.  The activated enzymes within the material eat through the urine organics and render the flooring odor-free.

6. Murphy’s Oil Soap

This product works wonders as cleaning and removing odor from wood.  Work the oil soap within the wood fiber and allow for the solution to sit for 24 hours.  If any remains after a day, return to wipe the product up.

7. Seal With Floor Finish

The flooring can be sealed with wood varnish when all else in ineffective.  Adding two coats of varnish will usually be effective at neutralizing the urine odor.

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Steam cleaning is a very good option. Even commercial
enzymes work well. But one shouldn’t be delayed
in cleaning process. I have heard people using Hydrogen Peroxide, detergent
baking soda together to remove stain and odor.

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