How to Get Cat Urine Smell Out of Mattress

We love when our kitten companions cuddle up with us in bed.  However, when they get accustomed to spending time within this location, disaster often strikes.  Our little feline friends can leave an unwelcome urine deposit, and the stretch of a musty sour smell soon follows.

When incidents like this happen, many question whether they will be able to return their mattress to it’s original state.  Fortunately, their do exist several solutions for returning the freshness to your mattress.  By following the below household tips you will be able to increase your odds of eliminating your kitty urine mattress musk.

Smell Removal Steps

Following the below instructions can help in returning a mattress to normal, and rid it of any unpleasant urine odors that may have developed.

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Step 1: Black Light

When a cat urinates on your mattress, there is usually no misunderstanding of the location of the accident.  In the slim instance where locating urine odor is challenging, a black light can be employed in the hunt of the elusive spot.  Shut the blinds and survey the mattress with the lite black light.  Once the spots have been determined, you can sprinkle small portions of baking soda on the spots as a marker.

Step 2: Blot Urine

If the urine within the mattress is still moist, proceed to blot these areas to draw out the substance.  Be sure to press with the full weight of your body to ensure that the maximum amount of urine is absorbed.

Step 3: Water Down

Begin pouring water on the spot to fully saturate the affected area.  Once the spot has absorbed the water begin blotting the location to draw the recently applied water out.  After doing this two or three time, the potency of urine within the mattress will be steadily lowered.

Step 4: Enzyme Deodorizer

Pour a veterinary approved enzyme cleaning solution on the location of the kitten accident, and allow for the formula to soak deep within the mattress over the period of 12 hours.  The active enzymes within the solution will work by eating through the remaining kitten urine residue to leave freshness behind. Once the time has passed, return to the spot to blot dry the location and remove the majority of solution moisture.  Enzyme solution like Nature's Miracle can be purchased at pet stores and most major super markets.

Alternatives to Enzyme Solution

Enzyme solution is not always as accessible as we would like.  In circumstances requiring alternatives, vinegar and baking soda work well as a deodorizing substitute.

1. Baking Soda

This household powder has been used for generations for it's odor absorption capabilities.  Mix one part baking soda with five part hot water and pour on the location of the kitty accident.  Allow 12 hours to pass, then return to the location to press dry the majority of the moisture from the mattress.  In addition to removing the odor, the baking soda will work to brighten the fabric it comes in contact with and remove signs of the spill.

2. White Vinegar

This is a powerful tool in combating and neutralizing the ammonia odor that stems from cat urine.  Mix a solution of one part white vinegar and two parts hot water and pour onto the area of the accident, making sure that it saturates deep within the padding.  Return 8-12 hours later to blot dry the spot and allow any remaining moisture to air dry off.

For myself
72 Years
Oceanside, California

I have a brand new rolling hockey bag for my 6 year old and I had my mothers
dog here who terrorized my male cat. He retaliated by spraying the hockey bag.
Usually I just wash the item and soak it in vinegar and repeat the process
until the smell is gone but… This is a black hockey bag that is expensive
($100.00) and I can't wash it. Help.

Jenny Barton
For myself
59 Years
Cincinnati, Ohio

Blot up as much as possible then mix vinegar and water in a
jug and pour it over the area. Then do blotting again. Finally, sprinkle some
baking soda. Leave your mattress to dry now. This process will really work.

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