How to Get Chlorine Smell Out of Skin

After swimming within the pool, skin usually develops a distinct chemical odor. While swimming can be a great experience, no one want the smell of the water to follow them throughout the remainder of their day.

Fortunately, there exist several guidelines that can be followed to ensure the removal of chlorine from skin tissue.  By follow the below tip, you can be assured that your skin will be smelling fresh and free from chlorine.

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1. Wash After Swimming

It is very important that chlorine is washed of skin immediately after getting out of the pool.  Ideally, strive to rinse off all chlorine from skin before the pool water has had a chance to dry.

2. Hot Water

Using hot water within the shower will help in opening pores and allowing fresh water and soap easier access.  This will ensure that the odor is more effectively wiped away than a normal warm shower.

3. Body Soap

In most cases, regular body soap is enough to eliminate the chlorine smell within your skin.  Often soaping down skin and rinsing more than once can help in washing away any residual odor within the shower.

4. Chlorine Removal Soap

If you're a regular swimmer, you may wish to purchase specialized body soap for removing chlorine from your skin.  These product work better at removing the chemical odor and have the added effect of making the skin softer.

5. Lemon Juice

Citrus fruit like lemon carry high quantities of citric acid which work to strip the skin clean of other chemical toxins.  Squeeze half a lemon within a cup and gently rub the juice within the skin while in the shower.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

This household ingredient work well at neutralizing odors within skin.  Bring apple cider vinegar bottle within the shower and rub within skin.  The vinegar within this compound will work fast at eliminating any remaining chlorine smell.

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Rinsing with vitamin C (e.g., SwimSpray) gets rid of the residual chlorine
that is stuck to your skin. Accordingly, you don't smell like the pool.

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