How to Get Cigarette Smell Out of Cell Phone

After several hours smoking while on your cell phone, it is not uncommon for there to be a transference of smoke related odors within your mobile device.  Once this smell makes it’s way within the phone, it can be quite off-putting and embarrassing around nonsmokers.

Fortunately, there are several things that can be done to remove the odor and add freshness within the mobile electronic.  By following the below suggestions, you can be sure that your cell phone will free of the uninvited smoking stench.

Cell Phone Smell Removal Solutions

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1. Rubbing Alcohol

The compound within rubbing alcohol helps to quickly neutralize cigarette smoke odors embedded within the surface material of cell phones. Lightly moisten a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and give the entire outside of the cell phone a thorough wipe down.  Be careful to to over moisten the cotton ball as this may lead to excessive alcohol getting through the cracks and into the electronics of the phone.

2. Lemon Juice

The citric acid within lemon juice naturally cuts though smoke related odors.  Squeeze a small amount of lemon or lime juice within a tray and lightly dip a cotton ball within the mixture.  Thoroughly wipe down the exterior surface are of the phone leaving no area untouched.  As specified with rubbing alcohol, take precaution not to apply so much moisture that it finds it's way within the interior electronics of the phone.

3. White Vinegar

This household substance is utilizes natural acid to cut through odors like cigarette smoke.  Moisten a cotton ball with this solution, and wipe down the entire exterior of the phone and provide 10-20 minutes for the smell of vinegar to diffuse. Take added precaution to avoid applying moisture to inner electronics of phone.

4. Activated Charcoal

If you have the time, activated charcoal can be effective at slowly absorbing all of the cigarette smoke from the cell phone.  Place cigarette smelling phone and several activated charcoal briquettes within a enclosed paper bag.  Provide 5-7 days for the charcoal to absorb the unwanted odor and freshen the cell phone within the bag.  After a week has passed, remove the phone from the bag and put it back into use.

Cell Phone Product Solutions

1. Ozium Spray

This product is extremely potent and is made for eliminating cigarette smoke odors.  Spray into a cotton ball until the ball become sufficiently moist.  Using the cotton ball wipe down the exterior of the cell phone to ensure that the entire phone is deodorized.  This will leave the cell phone deodorized with the subtle aroma of whatever scent you have selected.

2. Febreze

This product wonderful at eliminating cigarette smoke odors and will leave the cell phone squeaky clean.  Spray one or two squirts within a cotton balls and proceed to wipe down the exterior of the cell phone. If the solution does not completely remove within the first application of the product, try applying a second or third time until the cigarette odor is lifted away.

For myself
57 Years
Columbus, Ohio

I purchased a iPhone 6 and it smells like like straight up cigarettes how can
I or use to get rid of the smell

For myself
66 Years
Tampa, Florida

I am having this problem right now. I purchased a used smartphone from Ebay
the slide out keyboard reeks of smoke. Tried soap and water but it hasn't
I will try the alcohol and vinegar, thanks!

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