How Seniors Can Get Coffee Smell Off Breath

Our morning habits are often the most difficult change. Like many people, we rely on morning brew but would like to avoid the smelly aftermath of coffee breath. Often, we forget to treat our mouth after consuming coffee and are left exhaling a stale stench for the entire day.

Fortunately, there are a range of solutions within the home and while on the go that can neutralize coffee stench and return freshness to breath. By following the below solutions, you can be sure that your breath is coffee-free and smelling its best.

Smell Removal Solutions for Coffee Breath

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1. Eat an Apple

This may sound overly simplistic, but eating an apple after having your a daily dose of coffee can have powerful impact on freshening one's breath. The fresh fiber within this fruit helps to cleanse the mouth of build up coffee residues and absorb stale odor brought on by coffee consumption. If you expect to be drinking heavy amounts of brew, consider packing an apple along to counteract the resulting stale breath.

2. Glass of Water

Although drinking a glass of water after coffee may seem like excessive liquids, it remains one of the most powerful tools against coffee breath. This drink will work to cleanse your palate of any odorous residues and leave your breath smelling fresh. In most coffee shops, you can order a complementary side glass of water to accompany your coffee.

3. Ginger Candies

Though almost any candy will have a freshening effect on one's breath, the use of ginger candies can have an increased impact in cutting through coffee breath. You can easily pack a bag of ginger candies within you day bag to be used after consuming coffee. Due to their portability, these candies are a great option for anyone on the go.

4. Gum or Mint

Just because this is a popular method for freshening breath does not mean that it is ineffective at alleviating your morning induced dragon breath. If you can get in a habit of always carrying a roll of mints of a pack of gum, you worries of being caught with coffee breath will be greatly minimized.

5. Glass of Lemonade or Orange Juice

The citric acid in lemonade or orange juice can yield fantastic results on coffee breath. The natural acids within these juices help to cut through existing coffee resides within your mouth to wash them away. A small cup of either of these juices will usually be sufficient to freshen one's breath and eliminate residual coffee breath.

6. Baking Soda Swish

The is cleaning powder can work well in as a homemade mouthwash. Mix one part baking soda with four parts water and stir well within a glass. Sip the mixture and proceed to swish within your mouth for a minimum of 60 seconds. During this time, the baking soda will work to absorb the difficult coffee odor will having the added benefit of making teeth whiter.

7. Brush Teeth or Mouthwash

While this may seem obvious, many people may not have considered using mouthwash or brushing teeth after drinking coffee. Though this may seem like a challenging deodorizing solution while on the go, many people use travel tooth brushes and pint sided mouth wash bottles to navigate this obstacle.

8. Hydrogen Peroxide

As a final solution, the use of hydrogen peroxide can work well at eliminating coffee breath. This chemical compound is used as the active ingredient within many brands of mouth wash, and can be purchased at the drug store for less than two dollars. When using hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash, be sure to cut the potency of the compound in half by mixing it in equal parts with water before swishing and spitting out.

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