How Seniors Can Get Dog Smell Out of Car

Canine companions like to be with you wherever you go.  They often come on errands and join on much of your daily routine. Unfortunately, by giving into their daily desires to tag along too much, your cars can develop an off-putting doggy odor.

In this guide, a range of solutions will be provided for neutralizing this pouch-based odor.  By following the below tips, you will be able increase your odds of wiping out this unwanted aroma within your automobile.

Preventative Dog Odor Solutions

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1. Seat Covers

By using seat covers, you are introducing a protective layer between your dog and the car's upholstery.  Be sure to get fabric covers that can easily be cleaned by throwing them within the washing machine for a rinse and spin.

2. Keep Windows Cracked

This does more than keep your dog alive of warm days.  It allows a steady stream of fresh air to sweep through the car and carry away much of the saliva and dander that your dog is rubbing off within the interior.

Dog Odor Smell Removal Solutions

1. Clean Up

Make sure that nothing from your dog gets left behind in the car.  Everything from a crew toy to a large hair ball can develop intense odors when left within enclosed spaces.

2. Baking Soda

After you've finished using your automobile for the day, sprinkle baking soda over the seats cushions, back rests, and floor mats.  Let this powder pull in the dog odors overnight and return in the morning to vacuum up the powder substance.  Much of the odor will have been drawn within the baking soda, and your car will smell much fresher.

3. Vodka

Create a mixture of vodka and water in equal parts.  Spray down the entire car with this solution and leave car windows open for quick drying of the alcohol.  As vodka evaporates, it will carry off much of the unwanted dog odors.   Take caution to allow the substance to completely dry before you drive your automobile.

4. White Vinegar

Create a mixture of white vinegar and water in equal parts, and spray down the interior of your automobile with this solution.  Once the moisture dries, the smell of the vinegar and doggy odor will be carried off.

5. Febreze

This product can work miracles in wiping out doggy dander odors within car upholstery.  Give the car a thorough spray down and roll down the windows to air dry.  As the solution evaporates, this product neutralizes the dog's musk and carries much of it away.

For myself
52 Years
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Yeah, nature's miracle does work well. I stupidly let my dogs in my car when
they were wet. Ugh. The vodka suggestion is unique. Would rubbing alcohol work
just as well?

For myself
91 Years
Raleigh, North Carolina

I used Odor Control Plus. It worked awesome on my car and I have found it
pretty helpful with a number of other odor problems in my house, too. Hope
this helps.

For myself
65 Years
Tucson, Arizona

Nature's Miracle solved my problems. I have found that it works on dog odors
nearly as well at it works for unine pet ones. Buy my supply from Walmart.

For myself
93 Years
North Las Vegas, Nevada

Great tips! I have also had some success with putting doggy clothing on my
puppy before he enters the car. Just a thought…

For myself
68 Years
Brownsville, Texas

FREEZZZZE everything down in a cloud of perfume-y spray. Quick solution, and
it can be purchased anywhere.

For myself
66 Years
Santa Clarita, California

I followed the directions and sprinkled baking soda over the seats and floor
mats over the weekend. Worked like a charm! As a side note, I did find it a
bit challenging to remove the powder left behind.

For myself
92 Years
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Shampoo down the interior with a concoction of dish detergent, vinegar, baking
soda and hot water. Get a sponge and wash down seats and air dry after for
best result. No smells will be left.. I promise

For myself
82 Years
Orlando, Florida

Placing slices of bread on the carpeting does the charm! Leave them to sit
overnight, and then get rid of them in to morning. Presto… smell will be gone!

For myself
51 Years
Atlanta, Georgia


For myself
45 Years
Santa Ana, California

I rub down the entire interior with Pine Sol. Seat, dashboard, and all. It’s a
quick solution that works great!

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