How Seniors Can Get Dog Smell Out of Garage

If your dog’s primary living space is the garage, you may find that it has developed a particular off-putting odor. Musty dog dander slowly builds within the flooring and surrounding objects and presents a progressively challenging stink to remove.

Fortunately, by implementing some household solutions, you can be sure that freshness will be added back within this area of the home. The following tips will ensure that this odor can be eliminated and that no unwelcome canine stench builds within the future.

Garage Deodorizing Solutions

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1. Keep Flooring Well Swept & Clean

It is important to always keep dog related debris off of the flooring. Regularly sweep up the skin cells and loose hair from the flooring to prevent these materials from accumulating. If these types of materials are not kept in check, they can easily end up in all areas of the garage and present a deodorizing challenge.

2. Enzymes Wash Flooring

It is smart to do a quarterly mop of the flooring in the garage with enzyme cleaning solution. This cleaning formula harnesses the power of active enzymes to work in eating the odorous organics emitted by the dog. In cases where there flooring has carpeting, a steam cleaner with enzyme deodorizing shampoo can be used.

3. White Vinegar Alternative

White vinegar can be used as an alternative to enzyme cleaner on the concrete floors of the garage. Mix one part white vinegar with eight parts warm water and proceed to mop the flooring within the entire garage. Once completed, you can take further steps in wiping down the walls and any counter tops within the space. Open windows afterwards to provide for a speedier drying time and faster diffusion of the vinegar aroma.

4. Keep Dog Clean

Improperly groomed dogs are often the source of smells within garage living spaces. Since most musty stenches begin with the dog, it only makes sense that a well groomed dog to keep a fresh smelling garage and home. If your dog has smell issues, aim for giving the dog monthly shampoo bathes.

5. Washable Covers of Dog Bed and Other Items

It's important to have machine washable covers on the dog's bed and any furniture that the dog regularly spends time on within the garage. This will help in preventing high levels of dander from building deep within the padding, and will allow for removal of the contaminated surface for a machine wash cycle.

6. Install & Run Window Fan

Much of the dog odor within a garage comes from poor circulation and the resulting accumulation of musty stale air. Try to always keep a window open with a window fan running to prevent this from happening. Of course, this practice can be placed on hold during winter months when weather will not permit it.

7. Build in Doggy Door to Backyard

Building a dog door to the backyard can help in preventing any late night urinating within the garage. This is a regular problem for many dogs that are confined within a garage. A owner's long work hours and busy schedules can lead to a very smelly situation developing within the garage.

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