How Seniors Can Get Fart Smell Out of Room

We all pass wind, but many of us will do almost anything to avoid advertising the resulting stench. Once perform, the repugnant intestinal aroma can quickly fill a room and cause a suffocating sensation in the path of it’s victims.

Fortunately, farts do not last forever and can be reduced in intensity through the use of a handful of simple actions. By following the below tips and tricks, you can clear the room of any poopy stench and take preventative action to eliminate the stink at its source.

Fart Smell Removal Solutions for Rooms

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1. Open Windows

The first step you should take is to open all of the windows in the space. Opening all of the windows within a room will allow a channel of fresh air to sweep through the room and freshen the space. Once you feel that all of the flatulence has passed, it will be safe to closed the windows again.

2. Spray Deodorizing Product

There exist a range of deodorizing product sprays for cover up the smell of farts. If you find that your farts have been especially frequent you may wish to carry a deodorizing product spray until the episode of flatulence has passed. Product sprays such as Febreze and Oust can be purchased at any supermarket or drug store. Simply spray the deodorizing mist within the air and provide 5-10 seconds for the smell to go away.

3. Lemon Juice Spray

The use of lemon juice can have a powerful effect on eliminating the smell of lemon juice within a room. The citric acid within the spray cuts through the stale fart smell and replaces it with the fresh aroma of lemons. Mix a solution of one part lemon juice with three parts water inside a generic spray bottle, and proceed to spray down the room.

Preventive Fart Odor Solutions

1. Fart Outside

This preventable solution can assure that no fart odor ever develops within a room. if you feel the need to fart, simply take a step outside and let it rip. Though this action requires you to take a break from what you are doing, everyone can use a break and a fresh breath of air in the outdoors.

2. Change Diet

There are several known foods that can lead to an increase in flatulence. If you find that you have a regular problem of needing to fart, you may consider decreasing your consumption of proteins like beans, eggs and meats. Taking this simple step can save yourself several trips to the outdoors and assure that you can go anywhere without worries of flatulence.

3. Activated Charcoal Seating

If farting is a regular problem, the use of a activated charcoal filled pad on the seat can be effective at absorbing your farts before spreading throughout the room. These seat cushions are reasonably affordable and can be highly effective at making sure that any and all farts performed while sitting down remain undetected.

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