How Seniors Can Get Kerosene Smell Out of Clothes

Kerosene is a fuel commonly used within heaters, lamps and pyrotechnics.  It can be dangerous if improperly used and requires a great deal of care to avoid potential spills.  Should kerosene get within your clothing, you must take precaution in cleaning the fabric to remove the substance.

This fuel is extremely potent and is not easily removed once it has set into clothing.  This is why it is important to treat any clothing containing this fuel as soon as possible to minimize dangers and better chances of removing the odor.

Kerosene also produces fumes that can be harmful to one’s health.  When around the fumes for prolonged periods of time, it can cause pulmonary issues and can be very problematic for those who are allergic to the chemical compound.

Kerosene Smell Removal Solutions

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1. Hot Water

When laundering your clothes, be sure that you have the washing machine set to the hottest setting.  Hot water opens up the stitching allowing the detergent easier access at the odors.

2. Baking Soda

This household ingredient works wonders at absorbing odors.  During your normal detergent wash add an extra half cup of baking soda to help pull kerosene odors from clothing.

3. Rubbing Alcohol

The alcohol breaks down the carbon bonds within kerosene making it easier to remove from clothing.  Mix one part rubbing alcohol with six parts water and submerge affected clothing within the substance.

4. Vodka

The high concentrations of alcohol within vodka have the same effect as rubbering alcohol in combating kerosene.  Mix a solution of vodka and water in equal parts, and placed clothing within mixture for one hour.

5. Ammonia

Similar to alcohol, ammonia can break through the carbon bonds within kerosene.  Mix one part ammonia and ten parts water to dilute the substance.  Dunk clothing within ammonia and leave it within mixture to for a minimum of an hour.  Finally, place clothing within washing machine to run a detergent wash.

6. White Vinegar

To add a boost to deodorizing power of your load of laundry, add a quarter cup of vinegar to your wash.

Kyle Flannigan
For myself
79 Years
Glendale, Arizona

I have found dish soap to be very effective at removing kerosene and fuel oil
from clothing. I normally soak in dish soap water for a day, change the water
and soak for another day. Then wash as directed.

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