How Seniors Can Get Latex Smell Off Hands

For many occupations, the use of latex gloves are a necessary barrier between your skin and potentially dangerous chemical and biological matter. Regrettably, the constant use of latex can leave your hands with an off-putting unnatural odor.

Fortunately, there remain a wide range of household and workplace solutions for making latex stench a thing of the past. The use of the following tips and tricks will help to eliminate any latex smell within your hands to leave your palms and fingers smelling fresh.

Latex Smell Removal Solutions for Hands

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1. Regular Soap & Wash

Although you may have already given this a try, washing hands with regular hand soap under a faucet will usually do the tick in removing any unwanted latex odors. For especially pervasive latex odors, you my want to consider one of the following solutions.

2. Hand Sanitizer

Besides being a useful hand cleanser on the go, the high level of alcohol within this solution can work well at cutting through latex odors. If you find that you need to wear latex gloves on a regular basis, you may want to consider carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer with you for deodorizing purposes.

3. Baking Soda Sprinkle

Several workers within the medical fields have claimed that sprinkling baking soda within the glove prior to use can help a great deal in cutting down on the odor. For an additional boost, you can also sprinkle a small amount inside your hand and proceed to rub the powder through your palms and finger before placing the latex gloves on.

4. Squeeze Lemon Juice

The citric acid within lemons makes the fruits juice very effective at cutting through difficult latex odors in your hands. To apply, squeeze a small amount of this juice within your palm and proceed to rub the juice through your palms and fingers. Once completed, the lemon juice residues can be rinsed from your freshened hands under a faucet. As an additional note, using the juice from oranges and limes can have a similar positive effect as lemons, because they all possess citric acid.

5. Shampoo Hand Wash

Although this solution may sound strange, many claim that the use of shampoo is far more effective on latex hand odors than using regular hand soap. Simply apply the shampoo as though it were a hand soap and proceed to wash hands under the faucet to eliminate the rubbery latex odor within your palms and fingers.

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