How Seniors Can Get Mildew Smell Out of Swimsuit

After swimming within a pool or spending time at the beach, bathing suits can often be tucked away and quickly forgotten. When swimsuits have not had the proper chance to dry out, this can often lead to a foul mildew stench deep within the clothing fiber.

This undesirable odor can fortunately be eliminated by a handful of household deodorizers. By using the below solutions, the sour stench within you beach wear will eliminated to make sure it never returns.

Smell Removal Solutions for Mildew Smelling Swimsuit

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1. Day in the Sun

If your swimsuit is feeling the negative effects of mildew, consider placing it outside within the sun for the day. The open space, fresh air and ultra violet rays will go to work in eliminating the odorous mildew spore and lifting away the odor. Find a place within the yard where you are sure that your swimsuit will enjoy a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight. After this time has passed, return for a smell test. If any mildew aroma remains, consider leaving the swimsuit hanging outside for a second or even third day in the sun until it is smelling fresh.

2. Baking Soda Boost

Baking soda is another household substance sure to lower the potency of any mildew odor. Begin a normal detergent wash and include the mildew smelling swimsuit items. Once a good amount of water has filled the washer, measure a full cup of baking soda and add it within the wash cycle. Once the washing machine cycle is complete, make sure to air dry the swimsuit outside within the sun add one final freshening effect.

3. Try a Household Acid (White Vinegar)

Almost every home has a bottle of white vinegar. However, not everyone knows that this household acid can have a powerful effect on killing mildew and neutralizing it's resulting odor. Within a normal detergent wash, measure a cup of white vinegar and add it within the cycle along with the mildew affected swimsuit. Similarly, you will want to hang the suit to hang dry within the sun to give the smelly stench one final kick in the curb.

4. Freeze Treatment

Placing a mildew smelling bathing suit within the freezer can have the effect of killing the mildew spore which propose the aromic funk. Begin by placing the swimsuit within a sealed ziplock bag an placing within the freezer. Allow for the bag and it's stinky contents to sit for a minimum of 1-2 days by the mold spore complete die out. Finish by removing the swimsuit from the bag and hanging outdoors within the sun until completely deodorized.

5. Enzyme Soak

This is a bit of an extreme solution, but desperate time call for desperate measures. Buy an enzyme cleaner at your local pet store or large super market and proceed pour it within a bowl filled in equal parts with water. Next, you will want to dunk your swim suit within the solution and allow for it to soak for a minimum of 3 hours. During this time, the active enzymes within this product will literally go to work in eating through the odorous organics causing the swimsuit odor. Once completed, place bathing suit through a normal detergent wash and hang outside in the sun to air dry.

6. Drown it in Alcohol

Alcohol can work to neutralize many mildew related odors on contact.  Fill a bowl with rubbing alcohol and water in equal parts.  Soak the bathing suit within the mixture and allow for it to sit for 2-3 hours while the chemical compound works it's magic.  Finally, remove the bathing suit and place through a normal detergent wash and hang outside in the sun to air dry.

7. Tea Tree Oil

This solution works to naturally combat the existence of mold spore within the bathing suit. Mix a solution of one part tea tree oil with five parts water within a bowl. Proceed to dunk the swimsuit within the mixture and allow it to soak for 1-2 hours. Once complete, remove the swimsuit and place through a normal detergent wash and hang outside to air dry.

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