How to Get Mold Smell Out of Carpet

After a leak or flood has made it’s way within the carpeting, the moisture must be dried immediately to prevent a moldy aftermath from developing. The stale stench and visual appearance of mold can be unbearable and require attention to make the the affected room livable.

Although it may seems like the damage is irreversible, there are several household remedies that can help to remove the mold and have the carpeting smelling like new. By following the below solutions, you can be sure that your carpeting is mold-free and smelling it’s absolute best.

Smell Removal Solutions for Moldy Carpet

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1. Blot + Shampoo Scrub

Initially, you will want to get as much of the moldy moisture out of the carpeting as possible. Using an old towels, proceed to blot dry the affected locations making sure that you place your entire body weight behind the press so that the maximum amount of moisture can be drawn out. Once this has been accomplished, you will need to mix a solution of hot water and shampoo together and begin scrubbing the musty carpeting. This sudsy foam will help in lifting out any visible signs of mold and temporarily minimize the problem to an odor issue.

2. Drown in White Vinegar

A white vinegar acidic solution will work to kill any mold spore that are living within the carpeting or underlying padding. Mix a solution of one part white vinegar to five parts warm water and proceed to pour over the affected areas of the carpeting so that the entire mold smelling area becomes soaked. Next, allow this solution to sit and for 4-5 hours while it goes deep within the carpeting fiber and padding to neutralize any mold spore. Once this time has passed, you will need to return to blot dry the location with an old towel to pull out as much of this acidic mixture as possible.

3. Soak Carpet in Enzymes

If white vinegar has been ineffective at eliminating the moldy odor, the use of an enzyme carpet cleaner can deliver an even deeper deodorizing effect. Enzyme carpet cleaner is available for purchase at pet stores and most large supermarkets. Once you have acquire this substance, you will want to pour heavy amount of it over the affected carpeting to ensure that the carpet fiber and padding become drenched in the formula. The enzymes within the solution will have the effect if actually eating through any organics residues like mold spore that exist within the space. Allow the product to soak within the carpeting for 24-48 hours before return to blot dry as much of the deodorizing compound from the carpeting and padding as possible.

4. Dry Out with Area Fans or Dehumidifier

After applying a deodorizing compound, you will need to make sure that no moisture exists within the carpeting. Getting the area dry quickly is extremely important as this will help to assure that mold spore will return to the carpeting. To ensure a quick drying process within the carpeting, you will either need to run an area fan pointed at the location or a dehumidifier within the room. Although a dehumidifier is much more effective, a fan can usually work as a substitute when one is not readily available.

5. Run an Ozone Machine

As a final solution when nothing else has worked, the use of an ozone machine can help to ensure that any remaining musty odors within the carpeting are wiped out for good. Take extreme precaution to avoid running it while anyone is spending time within the home. Misuse of this machine can cause several negative health implications or even death. As a final advisory, be sure to open all of the windows after the machine has run and do not breath the air inside until there has been sufficient time for the home to air out.

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Use carpet cleaner and Febreeze together, it works superb. Use
shampoo for final touch cleaning. Then brush the area with vacuum cleaner. Use
or an electric heater to dry the carpet.

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