How Seniors Can Get Mold Smell Out of Towels

Once mold makes it’s way within towels, it can have the effect of making them musty and unusable. Though running the mold smelling towels through a washing machine can have a powerful effect, it usually is insufficient to provide a full freshening effect.

Fortunately, you there remain several ingredients within a normal household that can ensure that eradication of mold and the stench that it emits. The below formula tips and methods can ensure that the towels are mold free and smelling great.

Mold Smell Removal Solutions for Towels

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1. White Vinegar Soak

As a preliminary step, you must work to scrub out any visible mold of the towels out under a running facet within the sink. Once completed, create a solution of one part white vinegar to fiver part white vinegar. This household acid has natural mold fighting chemistry that can help to eliminate the growth within the towel fiber. Once the solution has been mixed within a large bucket, proceed to submerge the mold affected towels within the solution. Allow these towels to sit for 5-8 hours as the white vinegar kills the mold. Once completed, the towels can be placed through a detergent wash with the extra addition of 1/2 cup of baking soda.

2. Enzyme Soak

If white vinegar has been ineffective at eliminating the mold odor, soaking the towels within a solution of enzymes can yield positive results. Fill a bucket with enzyme cleaning solution and water measured in equal parts. Next, submerge the affected towels within the solution and allow them to sit for 4-6 hours while the active enzymes literally eat their way through mold infestations. Upon completion, the towels can be removed and placed through a wash cycle with the addition of 1/2 cup of baking soda.

3. Bleach (White Towels)

If all of towels that have been affected are white, bleach can be considered to remove the unwanted aroma. Mix a solution of one part bleach to eight parts water within a large bucket. Once mixed, dunk the mold affected towels within the mixture and allow them to be fully saturated within the solution. Leave the towels within the mixture for a minimum of 2-3 hours before removing them to place the towels through a detergent wash.

4. OxiClean

This product solution can have a powerful effect in killing the mold and freshening the towels. Again, you will want to mix a solution of Oxiclean within a large bucket and submerge the mold affected towels within the solution. Once completed, place them within a detergent wash that contains the extra addition of a full cup of white vinegar within the cycle.

5. Sun Dry

Although it may seem that these solutions have been completed restored the affected towels, it is always a good idea to hang items recovering from mold or mildew odor outside within direct sunlight. These open space, fresh air and ultra violet rays of the sun will go to work in eliminating any remaining mold spore to freshen the towel.

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