How Seniors Can Get Musty Smell Out of Washing Machine

When musty odors develop within a washing machine, it won’t be long before the build up is causing your clothing and linens to smell. Since no one want’s to wear musty smelling clothing, this problem is often one that needs to be remedied as soon as possible.

Although this musty problem can be mechanical, there are several household remedies that can be performed to remove the washing machine stench. By following the below solutions, you can be sure that your washing machine is smelling fresh and clear of any musty build-up.

Musty Smell Removal Solutions for Washing Machine

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1. Leave Washing Machine Door Open Between Wash Cycles

As a preliminary step, be sure to always leave the door to the washing machine open between uses. Since almost all musty odors are linked to stagnant water, this will help to ensure that all fluids evaporate out of the washing machine's interior. Although an open washing machine door may not be esthetically pleasing, it will go a long ways towards keeping your washer smelling fresh.

2. Use HE Powder Detergent

Mush of the musty odors within a washing machine can be linked to the detergent that is selected. Using a detergent that produces excessive suds and bubbles can cause the water level to rise and for liquid to get into areas inside the washer where it does not belong. In order to avoid this problem, be sure to use a high efficiency powder detergent that will not lead to this problem.

3. Check Tray for Water

If your washer already has a washing machine tray in place, this may be the cause of the musty aroma. Be sure to check the tray after every use to make sure that the tray is dried if any puddles remain within it. When puddles sit in one place for too long, they can develop an unpleasant musty stench.

4. Self Clean or Hot Wash

Many new models of washing machines come with a self clean function that uses the hottest water available to kill off any musty build-up within the washer. However, if the washer does not have this setting, you can simply opt to run a wash cycle on the washing machine's water hottest setting. Although this method is usually sufficient any eliminating odor, the following solutions can be used when a

5. Baking Soda Scoop

Although baking soda is not very effective at kill musty mildew odors, it can work wonders in absorbing them. Measure a cup of baking soda and add it within an empty hot washing machine cycle. Upon completion, much of the musty order will be absorbed to leave the leave the washer smelling fresh.

6. Bleach Cup

Using bleach can have a powerful effect in killing musty odors. Measure a full cup of bleach and add it within an empty hot washing machine cycle. After the wash has completed, the washing machine will be free of any musty odors and smelling clean. As a precautionary step, run a n all whites laundry load after using this method to ensure that no remaining bleach will do harm to your colored fabrics.

7. White Vinegar Cup

As a natural alternative to bleach, the use of white vinegar can have a similar eliminating effect within a washing machine. Measure a cup of white vinegar, and add it within the a hot wash cycle. After running the machine on empty, all of the mustiness will be killed off to leave your washer smelling like new.

8. Oxiclean

As a product option, using Oxiclean can be effective in killing the mustiness at it's source and freshening the washing machine's interior. Scoop a cup full of Oxiclean and similarly add it into a hot rinse cycle. Once the wash has competed, you will be left with a washer that is free of any musty odors.

Sheryl Ward
For myself
66 Years
Newport News[16], Virginia

Thankyou! The bleach worked! I was so concerned, but the smell has vanished.
We had two periods of about a fortnight away with only a few days at home in
between. That's when the problem arrived, during our hols. Thankyou again!

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