How to Get Perfume Smell Out of Clothes

When perfume gets within clothing it is usually intentional.  However, when the residual smell of the perfume remains within the fiber, it can easily become an inconvenient scent to be trapped within one’s clothing.

There remain several things that one can do to remove the musk of perfume to return one’s garments to normal.  By putting some of the below suggestions to use, you can effective reduce the detection of perfume from any item of clothing.

Smell Removal Solutions

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1. Hot Water

Before you start the wash cycle to start rinse away the effect of perfume scent from your clothing, check the tags and set the washing machine on the highest allowable heat setting that the clothing will allow.  Hot water will have the effect of expanding and opening the stitching to allow additional clothing detergent to get in and deodorize the threads.

2. Wash Again

Often, washing clothing just one time within a wash cycle will not be enough to remove the residue scent of the perfume.  If you find this to be the case, try washing the garment an additional time, as this will often be enough to diffuse the odor to a freshened state.

3. Baking Soda

This household powder has great absorption powers and can give a boost to any wash cycle. Before starting a normal detergent wash, measure a cup of baking soda and pour within the washer.  Place the the warm wash on, and enjoy the benefits of this absorbent ingredient in combination with normal clothing detergent.

4. White Vinegar

As a natural household acid, white vinegar is very effective at eliminating the scent perfume within clothing.  Simply measure a full cup of vinegar and add within a normal warm detergent wash to experience the benefits of this solution.  In addition to deodorizing the clothing garment, it can be helpful in lifting any existing stains within the outfits.

Smell Product Solutions

1. Febreze Laundry Detergent

This product is made especially for deodorizing clothing within a wash cycle, and can be highly effective with clothing containing a perfume scent within it's fiber.  While this product can be hard to locate, it is highly praised for it's effectiveness in removing unwanted scents within clothing.  Measure a normal scoop of this product and add within the normal detergent wash for full benefits.

2. Oxiclean

This solution is nearly as effective on difficult perfume scents as it is on removing stains.  Fill a large bowl with water and add in one scoop of Oxiclean.  Soak clothing within this product solution for two hours before removing the clothing to place within a a normal warm detergent wash.  Alternatively, a scoop of this product can also add a deodorizing boost by adding it within a detergent wash.

Deodorizing Drying Solutions

1. Hang Dry

Though this method may leave clothing feeling stiff to the touch, it is by far the most effective deodorizing method for drying clothes. The open space, fresh air and direct ultraviolet rays all work to neutralize scents and lift perfume aromas of the clothing.  To perform this, simply hang the clothing on a clothes line and remove them once they have dried.

2. Fabric Softener

As an alternative to hang drying the clothing, using scented fabric softeners within the dryer can help to deodorize the outfits.  After placing the clothes within the dryer, add 2-4 fabric softener sheets to give the clothing one final boost from the lingering perfume scent.

For myself
87 Years
Tampa, Florida

Darn it. I was given the perfect used jacket for Christmas. I can't wear it
because it was washed/dried with scented laundry products. I tried to convince
myself that the odor was just a bit of perfume, but even having just tried the
jacket on for 10 minutes, I can still smell the chemicals on my hands and
sweater two hours later. I am not chemical-sensitive except when it comes to
scented laundry products. A perfectly fine used jacket, and I don't even want
anyone else to wear it, so it's a loss of dear funds, too. I figure there is
no point in attempting the multiple and various washes and airings, as the
jacket is so tightly woven, those chemicals aren't going to be removed from
the threads. Sad. Someone should open a scent-free used clothing store. Darn

For myself
92 Years
Miami, Florida

I tried baking soda, vinegar, borax, hanging item outside, nothing got the
rancid perfume smell out. But, not giving up until I found a solution (no pun
intended) I found a solution for this hand me around top someone gave me. I
soaked it in about 1/2 gallon water to which I added about 1 tablespoon
Murphy's Oil Soap. I soaked it about 6-8 hours, actually I kinda forgot about
it, but when I took it out, it didn't smell like rancid perfume anymore. I'm

For myself
65 Years
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Why would you go to the trouble of descenting something only to install MORE
scent with dryer sheets?

Designer Perfume
For myself
54 Years
Akron, Ohio

If you are using light perfume always then you never suffering this type of
problem . Miss Dior makes different types scent of perfume like strong, light

t lis
For myself
65 Years
Arlington, Texas

How to get perfume out of clothes:
Use borax (20 Mule Team) as a prewash. It is the best i have found… soak about
5 minutes, then wash. Smell is gone. I have tried vinegar and repeated
washings - even contractor's solvent (orange oil) out of desperation and they
didn't work with the "new chemical-derived" scents, but borax has been golden
for me.

Spare the air.

For myself
53 Years
Albuquerque, New Mexico

add full fat milk to a tub of laundry and let it soak over night. Then wash
with unscented laundry soap a couple of times. Hanging out on a clothesline
helps finish the process.I have never had the milk stain or damage any of my
clothes,( if you spill milk on fabric it just washes out) GOOD LUCK

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