How Seniors Can Get Poop Smell Off Hands

Poopy mishaps have been known to while cleaning ourselves or our baby’s bottom. Once the stench of fecal matter has found it’s way within our fingers, it can be an extremely difficult scent to eliminate.

Though it may seem like your hands will never return to normal, there are a range of effective household solutions for deodorizing your palms. By using the following tips and tricks you can be sure that your hands will be poo-free and smelling fresh.

Poop Smell Solutions for Hands

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Baking Soda Paste

This household powder has been used for generations as a deodorizer of difficult odors. If imply washing hands with soap has not delivered desirable results, you can proceed to create a baking soda paste that can help to absorb the residual poop aroma. Mix a solution of one part baking soda with two parts water within a small bowl and proceed to apply to the affected areas of your hands. Once you have rubbed this deodorizing compound through hands for 60-90 seconds, the baking soda residues can be washed away to leave hands smelling fresh.

White Vinegar Splash

As a common cooking and cleaning acid found within the kitchen, this substance can work wonders in cutting through difficult poop related odors within your hands. Begin by splashing hands with this solution and proceed to rub the white vinegar within the affected areas of the palms and fingers for 60-90 seconds. You may need to do this process 2-3 times if any odors remains within hands after the first application.

Neutralize with Rubbing Alcohol

In a similar application as white vinegar, the high alcohol levels within this compound can work to neutralize fecal odors on contact. After first washing hands, proceed to splash palms with rubbing alcohol and proceed to rub the solution within the hands until the alcohol has completely evaporated. If odors remain, try a second or rubbing alcohol splash until your hands are completely freshened.

Lemon Juice Squeeze

The citric acid within the lemon juice can work to slice through the difficult poop stench within your hands. Once you have soap washed hands, proceed to squeeze a teaspoon of lemon juice within one palm,and proceed to rub the juice through hands. If lemons are not available, an orange or a lime can yield similar deodorizing results.


When rubbing alcohol is not available, the use of vodka can provide similar results. As always, make sure that hands have been washed with soap before using this method. Begin by pouring 1-2 teaspoons of vodka within one palm, and proceed to rub it within hands until the alcohol has completely evaporated away.

Old Fashion Detergent

If you haven't already done so, you should try washing hands with dish detergent soap. This type of soap has some deodorizing properties and may help in breaking down residual poop particles that may be clinging to your palm or fingers. In many cases, the use of dish detergent will be all that is needed to rid yourself of poop smelling palms.

For myself
87 Years


For myself
84 Years
Tempe, Arizona

I licked my hands clean and they still smell like shit. Please help me!

For myself
89 Years
North Las Vegas, Nevada

I've encountered the same problem. My friend has two dogs on special diets and
she would collect the poop from the shared backyard and put it in a bin to
empty every week at garbage day. WELL it rained… a lot… And we had a few days
of hot weather in between. So the day she went to dump the poop into a bag for
garbage collection, there was a faecal flood! The smell was on her hands after
washing them 8 times. She used dish detergent, pet odour sprays and plain
baking soda paste. Nothing worked.. So I made a warm water bath with some
white vinegar and lemon juice in it. The I made her rub her hands with baking
soda and sesame oil for 5 minutes then rinse in the warm water concoction. The
smell vanished! And she smelled pretty nice from the sesame oil too!!

For myself
82 Years
Raleigh, North Carolina

what a disgusting picture (the woman here in this article)!!! It is a perverse
picture, you should be ashamed of yourself.

For myself
70 Years
Winston–Salem, North Carolina

I just went through this when I had to clean dog diarrhea off the carpet. Boy
was that fun. After cleaning up 98% of it I had to get the last faint shades
of it up. So I used a rough cloth with a touch of Palmolive soap and rinsed
and wrung out the rag several times. Don't ever do that. Wear rubber gloves.
Lesson learned.

My hands smelled like dog poo for two days. It was nauseating. I tried
everything. Then I remembered I had a jar of virgin coconut oil. So I scooped
some out and used it like hand lotion. It was solid at first but turned into
oil from the warmth of my hands. I used paper towels to sop up the oil. I had
to do it a couple times that day but it worked! The poop smell went away and
my hands smelled wonderful!

Note: don't ever wash coconut oil down the drain. Wipe it off and throw away
the paper towels. Coconut oil will clog your pipes.

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