How to Get Rid of Dead Body Smell

In a perfect world, people would have the good grace to die in a hospital surrounded by loved ones, and after they have had the chance to say something profound to their nearest and dearest. We all know that life is not simple or convenient, and it’s possible that someone who lives alone who passed on may not be discovered right away. The longer it takes for the unfortunate event to come to light, the worse condition the body will be in (and the more disgusting the smell will be).

Consider for a minute what it would be like to discover that you have inherited a house from a long-lost relative. There is just one small catch….the relative died in the house and wasn’t discovered right away. Unless you can put on your thinking cap and find a way to get rid of this particular type of body odor, part of Aunt Zelda or Uncle Moe will be living with you for real. That would be enough to give you the heebie jeebies, so without further ado, here is our helpful guide to getting rid of dead body smell.

Get Rid of Dead Body Smell From a House

A dead body odor is a smell like no other and it can be very challenging to get rid of There are some effective methods to pummel it into the ground, though.

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1. Spray Sani 512 Sanitizer on Hard Surfaces

A specialty job like getting rid of a dead body smell is not something you should be trusting to an everyday cleaner. Sani 512 Sanitizer is available online and is used in poultry plants, dairies, and meat rooms, so you can be confident that it can handle this type of special assignment.

You would need about 1/4 ounce of the cleaner per gallon of water. Just spray it on and leave it to dry. No rinsing is required. It will effectively clean and disinfect any smelly areas. This product is safe to use on walls, floors, tables, or any hard surfaces.

2. Ozone Machine Rental Option

You may want to consider renting an ozone machine to get rid of a dead body smell from a residence. It may not be a good idea to tell the person working the counter what the nature of your odor dilemma is (and you are under no obligation to be truthful about it if you decide not to share the information).

This a natural method of eliminating odors from a space. Once the machine is placed in the room, it converts oxygen molecules (O2) into ozone (O3). After about 60 minutes the ozone reverts back into oxygen if it is not used. The air in the room is fresh and clean, and odor-free, without the introduction of any chemicals.

Ozone machines are available in different sizes, so you will need to know the approximate square footage of the space you want to deodorize before you rent one. You can find a unit for a room, a small apartment, or a whole house if necessary.

3. Steam Clean Carpets and Furniture

You may be able to get the dead body smell out by steam cleaning the carpets and furniture. If you decide to go this route, make sure you invest in a good quality shampoo and a deodorizer. Shampoo the affected areas, rinse thoroughly and allow them to dry before you decide whether your efforts were successful.

Remove Dead Body Smell from Your Hands

If you are the unfortunate sod who has to deal with removing a dead body personally, you need to have a strategy for getting the smell off your hands. Check out these suggestions for removing the smell from your digits.

1. (Lemon) Juice it Up

Lemon juice has a number of helpful properties, and one of them is eliminating offensive aromas. If you have been in contact with a dead body, wash your hands in one part lemon juice to two parts water. While your hands are still wet, coat them in baking soda and wash them off in the water and lemon juice solution before patting them dry.

2. Drive Smell Under with Coffee Grounds

Coffee may not be quite strong enough to raise the dead but the grounds certainly have the power to drive away the smell of a dead body. Place your hands in the grounds and leave them in place for a time before washing them off. The coffee grounds should absorb the odor.

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