How to Get Rid of Dead Mouse Smell

There’s nothing like the smell of decaying rodent to make your nose twitch and your mouth water (and not in a good way). Mice are a headache when they are alive, and they are an even bigger headache when they pass on. Unfortunately, if you are wondering how to get rid of dead mouse smell getting a cat won’t help you; those finicky felines have their own standards about what they will and won’t chow down on. (It must be in the unwritten Cat Rule Book.) They might be good about killing mice and presenting them to you like some kind of prize but if one dies on its own, they don’t go all scavenger-ish and take care of it for you. The common house cat is no longer living in the wild and is above such things.

Being proactive about checking your traps and cleaning them out regularly will head a lot of potential odor issues off at the pass, though.  If the little critter is stuck in a place you can’t easily access, you may be reeling from the reek for a few weeks (or longer) until it decomposes completely.This guide will give you practical tips for dealing with the particularly unpleasant stench of putrefying flesh in your home and auto.

How to Get Rid of Dead Mouse Smell from Duct Work

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1. Neutradol to the Rescue

Neutradol is billed as "the World's No.1 Deodorizer", and it can probably take on the big stench caused by one itty bitty rotting rodent. This product comes in a gel format. All you need to do is remove the lid and let the formula go to work to neutralize the smell. Place it anywhere you are noticing a foul smell for a no full, no muss problem solver.

2. Bounce Sheet Solution

The problem with a dead mouse in your duct work is that the smell dissipates through your house when you turn on the heat. Placing a Bounce sheet in your hot air vent can help to give you a fresher scent until the body breaks down and there is no longer anything to stink up your place. The mouse smell will naturally go away in time. Until then, grab a box of fabric softener sheets and try to mask the stench.

3. White Vinegar Air Freshener

You can freshen your home by filling up some cups with white vinegar and placing them in various locations. The vinegar will cover up the rotting smell, but you will need to replace it every couple of days until the stink has completely gone.

Dead Mice Aroma in Walls or Floor Boards

1. Liquid Room Freshener Drip

The issue with a mouse that has died under your walls or floor boards is that it isn't often practical to rip them out to go on a search and recovery mission to find the little critter. Even if you could get into a space to try to find where the body is located, you may not be able to find Mickey or Minnie Mouse where you think he or she is. If you have a radiator in the room, try cracking open some liquid room freshener and dripping it into the holes where the pipes go into the floor. It may reach the stinky spot and solve the problem.

2. Drill and Disinfect the Area

If you think you know where the mouse is resting but you can't get to it, another solution is to drill a small hole in the wall approximately one foot above the floor and pour a disinfectant or an odor neutralizer into it. For best results, use a squeeze bottle that will allow you to spray the liquid in all directions in the wall cavity. Plug the hole after you are finished. Be sure to seal off any cracks in the area that are allowing the smell to escape into the room.

3. Fridge It Activated Carbon Wafers

The name says Fridge It, but this product can be used to get the smell out of many other parts of your home. These deodorizing wafers are sold in 6, 12, and 24 packs. Simply place the wafer close to the source of the smell and it will start working right away. This is a safe and allergy-free solution to the problem of dealing with rodent carcass stank.

Deep Six Dead Mouse Smell from Your Car

1. Wintergreen Oil to the Rescue

To get dead mouse smell out of the confined space of your car, sprinkle a few drops of  wintergreen oil on a cotton ball and place it in the vehicle. This solution is very inexpensive and should keep your ride sweet smelling for several months.

2. Febreze It

Grab a bottle of Febreze and spray it liberally on the stinky spot. Make sure you open the windows and use this product in a well-ventilated area. Let it dry completely before determining whether you need to repeat the process.

3. Ozium Air Sanitizer

Ozium is an aerosol product developed to eliminate offensive airborne odors in cars (and dead mouse smell would definitely make the list). It gets rid of the bacteria that causes the stench. Buy a can and plan to use it every time you get into your car until you can't smell Mr. or Ms. Mouse anymore.

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