How Seniors Can Get Rid of Smell Under House

Your home may be your castle, but not when it’s invaded by stank. It’s hard to feel safe and secure when your nose is being bombarded by the sickening smell of mold and mildew. You already know that moisture and your home is not a good combination. The only thing worse than dealing with the smell of this type of intruder is the kind of reek you would get from a four-legged, striped visitor. Pepe le Pew may look cute in cartoons, but the real thing is not so charming, especially when he leaves his aromatic calling card. Check out these suggestions for how to get rid of smell under house to deal with these all-too-common issues.

When you are talking about smells coming from under your home, you need to know your limitations. There is a big difference between dealing with a slight moldy smell or a skunky smell after the fact and mounting a full-fledged search expedition to see whether you have a family of black and white animals in residence. Proceed slowly to detect the source of the problem. Ask questions along the way. If you think you are dealing with a live animal issue, there is no shame in calling in a professional to confirm whether you have a nest of animals under your house before your try to clean up. If you disturb a mother skunk and her little ones, you will need to deal with cleaning the stink off of yourself and your house!

How to Get Rid of Smell Under House: Moldy Stink

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1. Add a Little Sweet Lime

If you notice a musty smell coming from under your house, high humidity is probably to blame. You can deal with this issue by spreading some sweet lime in the crawl space under your home. It will absorb the excess moisture and reduce or eliminate the dank smell from coming up into your house.

Once you have sprinkled the lime over the soil, cover it with 6 mil black plastic to keep the smell contained. Stretch the plastic out, allowing for a one or two-foot overlap on each section.

2. DampRid it Out of the Air

Another option you can consider when you notice a funky smell coming from under your house is to buy some DampRid. This product is available at hardware stores and online. Place a few pails of door-absorbing crystals in your crawl space or basement and let them get to work. They will pull the moisture out of the air to eliminate the nasty stank.

3. Use Activated Charcoal

You can use activated charcoal to eliminate a number of household odors, and mildew is no exception. Put bags or pots of charcoal at various places under your house. They will absorb the smell of mold and mildew. You can even use them in conjunction with sweet lime if you want to give this solution some extra door-fighting power.

4. Run a Dehumidifer

If you have cleaned your basement thoroughly and you are still noticing a moldy smell, you may want to invest in a dehumidifier. Running the unit will help to keep the musty aroma at bay. Open the windows and doors and try to keep this area well ventilated to keep air flow moving.

Remove Skunk Smell from Under Your House

1. Fight the Stank with a Deodorizer

If you are dealing with the aftermath of a skunk spray coming from your basement of crawl space, be prepared to wait it out for at least a couple of weeks before the smell is completely gone. Clean any objects in the room that have been sprayed with an all-purpose cleaner like Pine-Sol or lemon oil. Use Carpet-fresh on your floor. Burn scented candles or incense. Be prepared to repeat the process when if the weather turns humid, since moisture in the air will reactivate the smell factor.

2. Make a Batch of Homemade Skunk Deodorizer

This recipe for homemade skunk deodorizer is something you should be using with caution. Mix 1 quart (3 percent concentration) hydrogen peroxide with 1/2 cup of baking soda and a Tablespoon of liquid laundry or dishwashing detergent. Mix the ingredients in an open container. Do not place them in a container and close the lid. The buildup of gases can cause an explosion. Do not store the mixture. You will need to use all of it in one shot. It is to be used to deodorizing the items that have been hit by the skunk spray. You could use a long-handled mop to spread it on a floor or sprinkle it under your house. This mixture may discolor fabrics, so be sure to test it before using on upholstered furniture.

3. Call in a Professional for Dead Animal Detection/Removal

If the skunk smell coming from under your house is getting worse over time, you may need professional help. This may be a sign that you have a dead animal issue that is growing more and more bloated over time. Unless you have professional experience or a particularly strong stomach, this is probably one job that you should leave to people who get paid the big bucks to do stuff that figures really high on the Eww Meter. It will likely be money well spent if it turns out you have a dead critter under your house.

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My house sits very low on the ground. Really not enough space to crawl
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Any suggestions………….

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