How Get Rid of Smell Under Toenails

The area under your toenails is teeming with all kinds of potentially smelly substances. This cheesy, stale stink is a bit more than your basic toe jam, which strictly speaking is found in between your little piggies. When you can’t stand the smell of your own stank anymore, you need to get some help right away. This guide will provide suggestions on how to get rid of smell under toenails. They may not smell like roses when you are finished, but you will be able to improve the situation.

More than likely, bacteria are responsible for a really funky smell coming from your toenail area. You won’t be able to air your dogs in public without clearing the room until you get that situation under control. If you are noticing the stale small of foot odor, anyone around you who gets a sniff of it is going to be really offended by it, too. This is not a way to impress someone you want to get close to. No  amount of explaining that you really are a clean person is going to cut it at that point. Check out these tips for dealing with the smell once and for all.

How to Get Rid of Smell Under Toenails

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1. Wash with Antibacterial Soap

One way to deal with the whole stinky foot concept is to give your toots a thorough cleaning. Wash them with an antibacterial soap.You may want to scrub toenail area with a nail brush as well. Make sure you dry your feet thoroughly when finished. Your goal is to keep your feet dry to avoid giving bacteria a place where they can breed.

2. Clip Toenails Regularly

Adopting some regular grooming routines can do wonders when it comes to keeping the smell monster at bay. Make a point of clipping your toenails regularly to keep them neat and tidy. This is another effective strategy to keep bacteria from multiplying under your nails. If you find the nails hard to cut, soak your feet in some warm water first or look after this ritual immediately following a bath or a shower. The warm water will have effectively done the work to soften the nails.

3. Apply Anti-fungal Cream

Try applying an anti-fungal cream to your feet to keep the funk down to a manageable level. You will be able to find one for athlete's foot at a drug store. Read the instructions and use as directed. A pharmacist will be able to answer any questions you may have about these types of products before you make your selection. If the problem persists or gets worse, you may need to see a doctor.

4. Tea Tree Oil it Up

To get rid of the the smell from under your toenails, take some tea tree oil and soak a cotton pad. Place it on your toe and secure it in place with waterproof tape. You will need to leave it on for a couple of days. The tea tree oil should take care of the stink, but you can reapply it for another couple of days if necessary. Since tea tree oil has a strong smell, you may want to leave this solution for a time when you will be staying home for a few days. Some people don't like the smell of tea tree oil and if this applies to you, you may want to skip this solution and try one of the other ones on the list instead.

5. Corn Starch Dust-Up

Keeping your feet dry may help to keep them smelling more like roses than the stuff you put on roses to make them grow. Sprinkling some corn starch on your feet will do the trick and it won't irritate your skin. Rub it into your skin, including the area under your nails, as a preventive measure. This is a safe and economical solution to the problem of how to get rid of smell under toenails.

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