How to Get Skunk Smell Out of House

Skunk smell usually makes it’s way within a house from a spray within close proximity or from a recently sprayed dog rubbing the oil throughout the carpeting and furniture. When skunk smell gets within a home it can cause serious discomfort and require immediate damage control.

Fortunately, there are several things that can be done to remove this repugnant stench from the home, and return freshness within your living space.  By following the suggestions within this guide you can be sure eliminate the sharp reminder of your nocturnal visitor and return your house to normal.

Household Deodorizing Principles

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1. Deodorize Home ASAP!

Most skunk sprays happen within the odd hours of the night, and will require your immediate assistance. Wake up and take action rather than going back to sleep. The faster that you act in deodorizing, the less the odor will set become embedded within your home and the easier the skunk spray will be to deodorize.  If your dog is the target of the spray, you will want to first clean and deodorize your canine companion first, and then move on to cleaning your home. You may miss out on some sleep, but fast action will pay off in the long run.

2. Quarantine Your Pooch

At all costs, attempt to clean and deodorize your dog outside. Many people make the mistake of allowing their dog access within their home immediately after being sprayed.  Dogs will instinctively run about the home rubbing against the walls, furniture and flooring.  During this process, the skunk spray oils are gradually spread on household possessions creating a challenging interior environment to deodorize.  If you smell the spray before your dog enter the home via the doggy door, your first step will be to seal the doggy door to keep you puppy outside.

3. Keep Doors & Windows Shut

Immediately after the spray make sure that all door s and windows within closed proximity to the spray are closed.  Though the smell will undoubtedly still make it's way within the home, this will help to keep the majority of the spray from entering the home.  If you are going out to wash and deodorize your dog, be sure to to exist your home from a door that is not located by the area of the house where the dog was sprayed.

Household Deodorizing Solutions

1. White Vinegar Scrub and Spray Down

Using this household acid can work to directly combat the effects of skunk spray residue.  As the skunk spray proliferates through your home, the oily residue can come to rest on your flooring, walls and ceiling.  The acid within white vinegar cuts through this oil and will have the effect of rendering it odorless.  Mix a solution of one part white vinegar with eight parts water and proceed to scrub down the walls, ceiling and flooring with this mixture.  Begin with the rooms within your house most affected by the spray and continue to other rooms as necessary.  As an additional measure for furniture and carpeting, you can mix one part white vinegar with ten parts water and spray these items and areas down within your home.  After making sure that they have become sufficiently moist with this formula allow 24-48 hours for the solution to air dry away.

2. Hose Down Spray Radius & Pour Enzyme Cleaner

If the skunk spray location resides somewhere close to your home, you may wish to treat this location to eliminate the odor.  Spray the general location that is producing the majority of the odor down, and proceed to pour a gallon of enzyme cleaner over the area.  Watering the skunk spray oil down before pouring the enzyme cleaner on the location will allow for the cleaner to hit a wider area and have a larger impact than if it were poured alone.  The enzymes within this deodorizing cleaner will literally go to work in in eating this odorous oil and return fresh air your outdoor area.

3. Ozone Machine

When the above methods have failed to remove the lingering smell of skunk within the household, using an ozone machine within your household is a sure-fire way to remove the difficult odor. Ozone machine can cost up to 500 dollars to rent, but they often are the last line of defense in eliminating skunk odors within households.  They work by removing all of the oxygen from the enclosed space to eliminate odors where they sit.  As a note of precaution, they can be very dangerous if improperly used, and it is important after use to return oxygen the home by opening all doors and windows for a minimum of an hour before going back within the home.

4. Febreze Interior

In minor cases, deodorizing product sprays such as Febreze can do a good job at masking and eliminating difficult skunk odors.  You may find that an extra spray on linens, curtains, upholstery and clothing will help to freshen them enough to avoid the need to launder the fabrics.  Additionally, deodorizing sprays like Febreze can come in handy for spraying down living spaces and freshening rugs and carpeting.  For more advice related to removing skunk spray from clothing, click here.

5. Activated Charcoal Within Cupboard & Refrigerator

After skunk odors have found their way within your home, you may find that several kitchen ingredients have acquired the pervasive musk. When this happens, you need to understand that all porous containers are a lost cause and must be disposed of.  No amount of activated charcoal or baking soda will enough to absorb and remove the skunky smell from their siding.  Once these items have been removed, place several charcoal briquettes throughout the cupboards in strategic locations where they will do the most good.  After placing 20-30 throughout your food-lined shelves, allow the briquettes 1-2 weeks to absorb remaining skunk odors.

6. Ozone Bulb

This handy device can be used in cases where the air conditioner within the household has been affected by the skunk spray.  Once skunk spray gets within an air conditioner, it can work to perpetually spread the odor throughout the house for days and weeks following the incident.  Placing an ozone bulb within the air conditioner can work to sterilize and freshen the air passing through it.  Although the bulbs can cost upwards of 400 dollars, it remains an effective solution for rescuing your air conditioner and returning fresh air within your household.

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I am trying to sell my house & need to remove dog odor from my house, which people complain about when viewing the house. I had the house professionally cleaned a few weeks ago. Serve-pro suggests steam cleaning the couches and a new carpet(3 weeks since installed), fogging followed by aeration. Another company said that Ozoning will be effective enough. What has been your experience with this problem and what's your opinion?

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