How Seniors Can Get Skunk Smell Out of Leather

Skunk spray within close proximity to leather furniture and clothing can quickly find its way within the material. The overpowering skunk oil stench can cause extreme nausea and spread a revolting odor in anything it contacts.

Fortunately, there remain several household solutions for eliminating the skunk odor and returning freshness within your leather. Use of the following solutions can help to ensure that the leather is freshen to free it from any skunk related odor.

Skunk Smell Removal Solutions from Leather

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1. Mandatory First Step: Detergent Wipedown

As your first step, you will want to apply a solution of dish detergent to help with breaking apart the skunk oil within the leather's surface. Mix a solution of three teaspoons of dish detergent with two cups of water within a bowl. Dunk a light hand towel within the solution and proceed to wipe down the affected areas of the leather. Allow this solution to settle in for 15-20 minutes before returning to wipe the moisture away.

2. White Vinegar Mixture

The use of this household acid can work well in cutting through any remaining skunk odors within the leather. Mix a solution of one part white vinegar to four parts water and dunk a light hand towel within the solution. Next, wipe down the leather while ensuring that no area is left untouched. Allow the vinegar moisture to sit on the leather for 30-60 minutes before returning to dry the vinegar off the freshened leather with dry towel.

3. Liquified Baking Soda

This kitchen powder can work wonders in absorbing any remaining skunk smells entrenched within the leather fiber. Mix a solution of one part baking soda with six parts water and continue to wipe down the affected leather with this solution. Once completed, provide a minimum of 30-45 minutes for the vinegar to soak in before blot drying it from the freshen leather.

4. Rubbing Alcohol Treatment

The high alcohol content within the rubbing alcohol can have the effect of neutralizing skunk odors upon contact. Mix a solution of one part rubbing alcohol with three parts water and proceed to wipe down the leather's surface with a light hand towel. After an hour has passed, any remaining alcohol moisture can be wiped up from the surface to reveal fresh smelling leather.

5. Lemon Juice Spray

The citric acid within lemon juice can have the effect of eliminating the foul stench of skunk within the leather. Mix a solution of one part lemon juice with seven parts water and proceed to dunk a light hand towel within a bowl of this substance. Wipe down the leather with this solution and provide a minimum of an hour for it to set in before absorbing any remaining lemon juice mixture from the freshened leather surface.

Barbara Carney
For myself
94 Years
Oxnard, California

These are all terrible choices because they will be absorbed and permanently
accelerate aging significantly. leather has a pH of 4.5, about like tomatoes,
and a little more acidic than coffee. ANY mis-match, high or low, of the pH of
a cleaning solution will rot leather. Every drop absorbed will continue
rotting leather forever, and cannot be removed. Seams, cracks and worn areas
absorb more. Visible cracks and tears can take hours to years to show up. Few
people would guess there is a connection when deterioration is slow to appear.
Use sunlight or ozone for bad odors.

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