How to Get Smell Off a Cat

As much as we love our playful feline companions, they have a way of getting neck deep within some sticky situations.  When this happens, residue can build up within the cat’s fur and create an unpleasant stench.

Fortunately, there remain several things that can be done to help in washing the cat and removing odorous residues.  By following the below tips, you can be sure that your cat will be squeaky clean and smelling fresh.

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1. Prepare for Wash

It is important to get everything ready within the bathroom in advance of bathing the cat.  This will ensure that the entire cleaning goes smoothly without any unexpected events. Fill the bathtub with 3-4 inches of warm water, place a towel on the flooring of the bath to aid the cat's footing and have a bucket and cat shampoo on hand.

2. Disarm Your Kitty

Before washing your cat, take some defensive measure before the process begins.  File down it's claws to ensure that if it does swat at you, it's nails will be so dull that they will not be successful at drawing blood.

3. Protect Yourself

Cats are not very fond of baths and will often resist the getting wet at all costs.  With this in mind, it is important to wear long sleeve shirts or long sleeve water resistant gloves to ward off bites and swats from the feline's paws.

4. Firm Grip

It is important that you hold your cat firmly to prevent it from slipping loose.  Should your cat have the chance to break free, it will seize the moment to bolt out from the bathroom.  Additionally, be careful not to hold too tightly as this may constrict the cat's ability to breathe properly.

5. Soak Cat

Bring cat within the bathroom and place it within the water.  Using the bucket, soak the cat from head to tail in the warm water while holding the cat in place.  During this stage be sure that all large debris are cleansed from the kitten's fur, allowing the shampoo to have a greater effect.

6. Shampoo Cat

Once the cat has been completely soaked, proceed in applying cat shampoo within it's fur.  During application be sure to rub the shampoo into the affected areas and to take precaution not to get any soap in the cat's eyes, nose or mouth.

7. Dry Cat

To dry cat, remove from water and wrap within a medium sized towel.  Begin blot drying cat from all sides to ensure that the vast majority of the moisture is pulled from the cat's fur. After the cat has been blot dried, let the cat loose within the house.  However, take precaution to keep the cat indoors until it's coat has completely dried off. If the cat continues to smell immediately after the bath, it may be wise to contact a local veterinarian.

For myself
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Santa Rosa, California

Wow! Ever tried to bathe a cat? Hope you like wrestling with a buzz saw.
Here's what my wife recently did that I thought was a creative solution. She
put the cat in a medium sized plastic kennel or pet carrier that we use
sometimes when travelling with our dog. Of course there is a wire grate door
as well as several sizeable openings on all sides for ventilation. With the
cat safely contained, she turned the kennel up on it's end with the grate door
pointed skyward in the back yard. She then hosed the cat down, drenched her
with a warm water/shampoo solution she had mixed in a bucket prior, rinsed,
and repeated. She gave the cat a final hosedown, waited a short time for her
to calm down and dry off a bit, removed her from the kennel and towel dried
her. She had a bit of an attitude for awhile but she was clean, her fur was
soft and fluffy, and she smelled great.

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