How Seniors Can Get Smell Out of Refrigerator

This appliance is used to store countless numbers of foods, juices and condiments. Given this reality, it should not be surprising that odors can build from a variety of residue spills and container leaks within the fridge.

Though challenging to identify and remove, there exist a range of household solutions aimed at eliminating unpleasant stenches that exist within the space. By following the below solutions, you will be able wipeout any food-based odors and to make its stink a thing of the past.

Deodorizing Refrigerator Solutions

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1. Search Out Rotten Bits & Residues

Oftentimes, deodorizing the fridge only requires finding and removing the stinking food pieces and residues creating the odor. This is best done by removing all of the contents to organize and identify what is fresh and what has gone bad. After performing this task, you will be sure to identify the source of the problem and be able to properly dispose of the contents that have become rotten.

2. Open Baking Soda Box

This is a time honored tradition removing minor smells and keeping the refrigerator smelling fresh. Simply open two different boxes of baking soda and place them within different corners of the refrigerator. the baking soda will work to slowly absorb the odorous stenches to ensure that unwelcome smell is removed and does not return.

3. White Vinegar Wipedown

This household acid works well at cutting through odors on contact. Mix a solution of one part white vinegar with six parts warm water. Proceed to soak a clean hand towel within the mixture and proceed to wipe down the affected areas of the fridge with the deodorizing solution. once completed, leave the fridge door open to allow for a faster evaporation time. Once completely dried, the subtle smell of vinegar will be removed from the interior of the refrigerator along with the intended odor.

4. Coffee Ground Pan

These ingredients do more than work to produce a fresh cup of morning brew. Similar to baking soda, coffee grounds also work well at absorbing unwanted odors from the interior of the refrigerator. Pour coffee grounds on the pan and place the tray within the interior base, ensuring that it is well out of the way of the food inside. The grounds will slowly work to remove the nasty stench of food odor and replace it with the subtle aroma of fresh coffee beans.

5. Cat Litter Tray

In a similar fashion as coffee grounds, the unusual supplement of kitty litter can also work to absorb unwelcome food odors. Pour fresh cat litter on a small tray and place the tray inside the fridge in a back corner where it is unlikely to be disturbed. Over time, the deodorizing powder will help to reduce the built up stench and maintain a fresh smelling refrigerator.

6. Vanilla Dipped Newspaper

This solution works well for small enclosed spaces that have been affected by rotten food and unfortunate spills. Mix a solution of vanilla extract and water in equal parts within a bowl. Wad up several pieces of newspaper and proceed to lightly dip the newspaper within the solution and stuff the newspaper balls within the enclosed spots. Allow the newspaper to sit for 24 hours as the paper fiber absorbs the odor and replaces it with the subtle scent of vinegar.

Ann McKenna
For myself
76 Years

My fridge suddenly began to have a stench. It still runs and keeps things cold, the freezer also keeps things frozen, yet this chemical smell remains. I feel that if it was the coolant, they wouldn't be keeping things cold, or am I wrong ? Aside from calling in a repair service, any advice ?

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