How to Get Smell Out of Cotton Rug

As with anything that is meant for the floor, there is an accumulation of filth and grunge with time. Rugs characterize this as people sit, walk-on, and drag them around.  It should come as no surprise that after all of this treatment that rugs can develop grimy residue and begin to smell.

Depending upon the use of the rug’s cost and the particular filth that has rubbed off, there are several different approaches to cleaning and removing odor built up the rug.  By following the below tips you will be able to increase your odds of having a stink-free rug back in it’s usual decorative position.

Washing Solutions

The benefit of cotton rugs is that you can usually run them through the washing machine.  When placing them through one rinse and spin is not enough the following solutions can be helpful.

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1. Hot Water

The cotton fiber open up when placed within a hot water wash and allow easier access of the detergent.  Be sure to place this on the hottest setting before running the cotton rug through a detergent wash.

2. Wash Again

Often, washing a the rug a second time will help in getting any residual odors that were not swept away during the first rinse.  A second detergent wash may be all that is needed to return the cotton rug to normal.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda works well at absorbing odors and adding freshness to a load of laundry.  To give the rug an extra boost, add a half cup of baking soda within a normal detergent wash.

4. White Vinegar

This solution works well at getting deep within cotton rugs and neutralizing odors.  Measure a cup of white vinegar and pour within a normal detergent wash cycle.  To add an extra kick, hang the cotton rug outside to air dry rather than running through the drying machine.

 Solutions Without Washing

For more delicate cotton rugs, using the washing machine may not be an option.  In such cases, there still exist options for removing odors and adding freshness back within the rug.

1. Hang in Sunlight

Placing the rug outside within direct sunlight can help to neutralize the odor.  The fresh air, open space and UV rays all help in wiping the odor out and carrying away any unwanted aromas.  After allowing the rug to hang for 24 hour return

2. Lemon Juice

The chemicals within citrus fruit can work wonders in removing the odors from rugs.  Mix three teaspoons of lemon juice with a cup of water and pour within a spray bottle.  Mist down the entire rug with a heavy coat of vinegar and hang to air dry.  The citric acid will often cut through the odor producing organic and render it odorless.

3. Sprinkle Borax

Borax is highly effective at drawing out odors from cotton rugs. Place the cotton rug within a remote corner of the house and sprinkle borax over the entire rug in high quantities.  Allow for the borax with sit for 5-7 days before shaking the rug off outside and placing the rug back within it's old position.

4. Activated Charcoal

The process of using activated charcoal is slow, but effective.  Place activated charcoal briquettes within nylon leggings and place lay along the end of one side of the rug.  Proceed to rolls the rug around the nylon enclosed briquettes and place within a heavy duty trash bag.  Keep rug within trash bag for 5-7 days and remove after a week has passed.

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