How to Get Smell Out of Tempur-pedic Mattress and Pillows

Tempur-pedic mattresses have made a name for themselves by providing increased stability and spine support.  Though some differences exist, smell can develop within Tempur-pedic mattresses in the same way that they develop within any bed.
Fortunately, there are things that can be done to remove odor producing residues within the mattress and return the bed to normal.  By following the below suggestions, the Tempur-pedic mattress will have increased freshness and provide a restful night of sleep.

Tempur-pedic Mattress Body Odor Solutions

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1. Vodka

This party drink is useful at eliminating odors on the spot.  If the smells are not deeply entrenched within the mattress, then this solution can quickly neutralize body odors. Fill within a spray bottle and  mist down the entire top surface of the mattress until it become sufficiently moist.  Finally, provide 3-4 hours for the moisture to evaporate and lift any unwanted odors out.

2. White Vinegar Spray

The acid within this solution can also be effective at wiping out bodily odors that have made their way within the Tempur-pedic mattress.   Create a solution of white vinegar and water in equal part and spray down the entire top surface of the mattress.  Open windows within the bedroom and provide 6-8 hours for the formula to evaporate off the freshened mattress.

Tempur-pedic Mattress Urine Odor Solutions

When urine gets within a Tempur-pedic mattress it is important to act quickly to remove the foreign moisture. Using a dry towel begin blotting the location to dry out as much moisture as possible.  Be sure to place your entire body weight behind the press and use multiple towel for increased absorption.  Finally, dilute location with fresh water and blot dry moisture before using any cleaning solution.

1. White Vinegar

Once you have perform the tasks outlined above, vinegar can be very effective at combating the ammonia within the mattress to leave it smelling fresh.  Create a solution of one part white vinegar and three parts warm water and pour over the location of the accident.  Allow the solution to set in for 4-5 hours before removing the moisture with towel blotting.

2. Enzyme Cleaner

This is another powerful solution to combat smelly organic odors like urine.  The active enzymes within this solution work to eat through all of the organics within the mattress and  deodorize it.  Once you have completed the tasks outlined within the urine removal introduction, pour a heavy amount of the solution on top of the location of the accident, ensuring that it soaks in to neutralize all remaining urine residues.  Allow this solution to sit for 24 hours before returning to blot dry the location to extract all unwanted moisture.

Tempur-pedic Pillow Odor Solution

When many Tempur-pedic pillows are purchased, they naturally contain a chemical odor that is trapped within the fiber. There are multiple way to remove the odor, have the following suggestions provide fast relief without the use of harmful chemicals.

1. Baking Soda

This substance has wonderful absorption capabilities.  Place a half cup of baking soda within the pillow case, and change out every 3-4 days until the pillow is left smelling fresh.  Though this process can take several days, it will be an effective long term solution.

2. Fabric Freshener

Fabric softeners can be used to quickly cover the chemical odors within Tempur-pedic pillows.  Place pillow within the dryer, add 4-5 sheets and begin the appliance on a heatless dryer cycle.  After 30 minute return to remove the freshen pillow and put back into use.

For myself
94 Years
Santa Rosa, California

iWe had a new tempur pedic mattress delivered 4 days ago and our master suite
(including the bath) reak with a mildew/mold odor. Is this normal?

Albert Gazeley
For myself
65 Years
Columbus, Ohio

Do your best not to bring smelly objects, food & Drink etc into the bedroom.
Don’t smoke in bed, don’t drink an hour before going to bed – and for
temporary contacts ie. Baby, pets, or illness (fever) and even sex – try to
have a protective sheet as an insulating layer between the possible cause of
odors or likely contamination of the mattress or pillow.

Mattress Guy
For myself
44 Years
San Jose, California

These sounds like some easy solutions to smells in your mattress, but couldn't
the enzyme cleaner damage a memory foam or Tempurpedic mattress? Thanks.

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