How to Get Smell Out of Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks grew to fame as a cork, rubber and leather sandal that molds to the shape of the wearers feet. Though these sandals can become increasingly confortable with wear, they also can easily develop a foot odor from the accumulation of sweat and skin cells.

Fortunately, there are several things that can be done to remove the foot odor and return the Birkenstock footwear to normal. By using some of the below solutions, your Birkenstocks will be stink-free and smelling fresh.

Smell Removal Solutions

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1. Outside + Sun

Placing the Birkenstocks outside for the day in direct sunlight will do much to freshen the sandals.  The open space, fresh air and ultraviolet rays will help to freshen Birkenstocks and lift away much of the odor.  For optimal effect place sandals within a location where they can receive direct sunlight for 8 consecutive hours.

2. Rubbing Alcohol

This solution works to neutralize many foot related odors upon contact.  Fill a small bowl with rubbing alcohol and slowly dampen paper towels within the solution.  Lay dampened alcohol paper towels within the interior of the areas within the Birkenstocks where the foot normally come into contact with the sandals.  After covering the areas where the foot comes into contact, allow for this solution to sit for 4-5 hours.  Once time has passed, remove the paper towels and place the freshen Birkenstocks back into use.

3. White Vinegar

This household acid can help in neutralizing foot odors within shoes.   Fill a small bowl with white vinegar and water in equal parts.  Moisten paper towels within the white vinegar mixture and strategically place over all of the areas within the Birkenstocks when the foot normally comes into contact.  After 6-8 hours, remove the vinegar soaked paper towels from the interior of the sandals.

4. Freeze Them

When sweat, skin particles and filth collect within Birkenstocks odorous bacteria can live off of the organic matter.  Freezing the Birkenstocks will will help to kill the bacteria at low temperatures for prolonged periods of time. Place Birkenstocks within a large enclosed ziplock bag and place within the freezer for 1-2 days.  After 24-48 hours return to the freezer to remove the sandals from the ziplock bag and place the Birkenstocks outside in direct sunlight to thaw out.

5. Baking Soda + Tea Tree Oil

Baking soda helps to absorb foot odors while tea tree oil helps to mask any residual smell.  Mix a solution one teaspoon of tea tree oil with a half cup of baking soda and pour within the interior surface of the Birkenstocks to cover all areas where the foot normally comes into contact.  Place sandals with an enclosed shoe box for 2-3 days before removing to put back within use.

6. Cat Litter

This substance does more than just handle kitten droppings.  Pour fresh cat litter within the interior surface of the sandals insuring that all areas that normally come into contact with feet are covered by the litter.  Place Birkenstocks within an enclosed shoe box for 4-5 days, before removing freshened sandals and placing into use.

7. Enzyme Cleaner

This range of product works by harnessing the power of active enzymes to eat though bacteria related organics.  Fill a small bowl with this solution, and dip several paper towel into the cleaning solution.  Take the moist paper towel out and place on the top surface of the Birkenstocks where the foot normally comes into contact.  After 6-8 hours, remove the moist paper towels and place the freshened Birkenstocks back into use.

Jean Fielden
For myself
59 Years
Cleveland, Ohio

I have tried all of these methods, and nothing worked, and have just discarded
the Birkenstocks. I love these sandals and would like to get some more, but am
hesitant because of the odour problem. Mine were only 18 months old! I have
never had smelly feet in my whole life( 7oyrs} and none of my other shoes or
sandals smell. Is there anything more to suggest? Jean

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