How Seniors Can Get Smell Out of Couch

The often sat upon couches and sofas are usually one of the first furniture within a home to develop an unwelcome bodily odor.  After years of receiving the people’s rear end’s, it should come as no surprise that they are can carry an unpleasant aroma.

Fortunately, there are several things that can be done to freshen the leather fiber or upholstery and remove any built-up embedded stench.  By following the below suggestions, you can be sure that your couch will be smelling like new and inviting for use.

Light Odor Solutions

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1. Vodka Mist

This party drink can work wonders doubling as a deodorizer for your couch.  Vodka is a household solution that has been used for decades to freshen a variety of surfaces and fabrics.  Pour a small portion of vodka within a generic spray bottle, and proceed to mist down the entirety of the couch, making sure that no area is left untouched. Once performed, proceed to open the windows to allow for a faster drying process as the unpleasant odors are neutralized and lifted from the couch.

2. Enzyme Spray-down

The active enzymes within this form of cleaner will literally go to work in eating up odorous residues and bodily stenches that have made their way within the couch.  Purchase an enzyme cleaning spray at your local pet store or large super market and provide to mist down the entire affected area of the couch.  Similarly, open the windows and allow 24-48 hour for this solution to work it's magic and evaporate away.

3. Deodorizing Product Spray

For light odors within a couch, deodorizing product sprays such as Glade or Febreze can do the job.  Simply spray the smelly areas of the couch down with a heavy coat of the product spray and provide a few hours for the moisture to evaporate away.

 Deep Odor Solutions

1. Solar Rays

Although placing the couch outside within the sun may sound overly simplistic, it can be very effective at removing embedded odors within the leather or fabric upholstery.  The ultraviolet rays, fresh air, and open space will help in ensuring a fresher smelling couch once it is returned within the home. Get a friend or family member to help move it outside within direct sunlight for a minimum of 8 hours.  Although one day's treatment may not do the trick, two to three days of this practice will be sure to help in lowering the level odor within the couch.

2. Enzyme Soak – Do Not Use on Leather

Unlike using an enzyme spray, soaking the upholstery and the underlying padding with an enzyme cleaner can have an increased affect at eliminating odors within the couch.  In cases where vomit, urine or other unpleasantness has made it's way within the upholstery and cushioning, you will want to first clean the area and then follow up with soaking the spot completely in enzyme cleaner.  Allow 24- 48 hours for the active enzymes to eat through all the odorous residues before blot drying the locations with a clean and dry towel.

3. White Vinegar Remedy

Similar to enzyme cleaner, white vinegar can work to eliminate difficult odors found within a couches upholstery and underlying padding.  Mix a solution of one part white vinegar with eight parts warm water and pour it over the odorous location on the couch.  If the couch cushions are the only part of the couch that is effected, it may be a good idea to first move these outdoors and treat them there.  Once the affected areas have soaked in the deodorizing mixture, allow 6-8 hours for the vinegar to soak in and neutralize odors before returning to blot dry the solution with a clean dry towel.

4. Zip in Baking Soda

As many readers may know, baking soda has long been used as a household remedy for it's absorption capabilities.  If your couch cushion have zippers that allow access to the cushioning, you can simply unzip the opening and add in a quarter cup of baking soda within each liner.  This step will help in absorbing any remaining odors and help in preventing future ones from developing.

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