How Seniors Can Get Smell Out of Fabric

This material is used within a range of clothing and linens.  Given the wide range of production, it should come as no surprise that fabric regular gets unpleasant odors caught between it’s fiber.  When unpleasant smells get trapped within this material, many people have difficulty in getting the fiber to smell good with a single washing cycle.

Fortunately, there are several household remedies to expand the stitching for a variety of simple compounds that will eliminate any built-up funk.  The following tips will help anyone to remove odor within their fabric items and return them to normal.

Washing Fabric Solutions

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1. Use Hot Water

It may sound strange, but the use of hot water will help in deodorizing fabric fiber. Hot water  helps to open up the stitching and provide the detergent easier access to the odorous residues embedded within the fabric fiber.

2. Rewash the Fabric

Just one washing machine cycle is often not enough to remove pervasive odors from fabric. A second or even third detergent wash cycle will help in pulling out any remaining odorous residues from the stitching.  To give it an extra boost while washing it additional times, additional detergent can be added in.

3. Baking Soda Boost

This powdery material has been used for generations for it's odor absorption abilities.  Adding in a full cup of baking soda within and normal detergent wash can add a boost in removing difficult odors.  During baking soda application, it is best to add in the detergent and allow the washing machine to fill with water before adding the baking soda in.

4. White Vinegar Addition

Similar to baking soda, white vinegar will work to neutralize odors and boost any washing cycle.  Measure a cup of white vinegar and add it within a normal detergent washing cycle.  The acid within this household substance will go to work in cutting through the odorous fabric residues and eliminate the odors.

Dry Deodorizing Fabric Solutions

1. Vodka Misting

This substance does much more than fueling parties, and has been used as a deodorizing home remedy for generations.  The alcohol within the  solution works to quickly neutralize unwelcome smells upon contact and quickly evaporates odorously.  To apply, pour a small amount of vodka within a generic spray bottle, and proceed to mist down the affected piece of fabric.

2. Great Outdoors in Sun

Placing fabric outside within the sun harnesses multiple deodorizing properties upon the item. The ultra violet rays, open space and fresh air will help in drying out odorous residues and lifting them away.  Wait for a sunny day, and place them somewhere outside that can receive  a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight.  If this solution has not worked after the first day, placing it outside for a second or third day can do the job in removing unwanted odors.

3. Citric Spray

The citric acid within lemon juice work to cut through embedded odors within fabric. Mix a solution of one part lemon juice with ten parts warm water within a generic spray bottle.  Proceed to spray down the piece of fabric in full and hang up for the fabric to air dry out.

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