How Seniors Can Get Smell Out of Gym Clothes

After a long workout, gym clothing is often drenched in sweat and dead skin particles.  If not treated immediately, the clothes can quickly develop the stench of mildew and bodily odor.

Deodorizing Solutions for Workout Clothing

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1. Baking Soda Boost

Baking soda can be very helpful to add a boost to any washing machine cycle.  Measure one cup of baking soda and add it into a normal detergent cycle along with the gym clothes as the has fill part of the machine.  It is important to wait, this will help to ensure that the baking soda properly diffuse into the water rather than clinging to the clothing fiber.

2. Cup of Vinegar

This household acid work to cut through difficult odors and freshen clothing fiber.  Similar to baking soda, measure a cup of white vinegar and add it into the washing machine for a normal detergent wash of the gym clothing.  After running the gym clothes through the washing machine, it should still maintain a slight scent of of vinegar.  Fortunately, this vinegar odor goes away after the gym clothes has been placed through the drying machine and the formula has dried away.

3. Air Dry in Sun

If you can tell that some smell remains within the gym clothes after a wash cycle, you may want to consider a different drying method than using the dryer.  When drying gym clothes, no methodology is more effective at removing remaining odors than hanging it outside within the sun. The ultraviolet rays, open space and fresh air will all help to remove odors from gym clothes and carry them away.

4. Enzyme Soak

If nothing is working, you may want to consider soaking gym clothes within an enzyme solution prior to running the clothes through a wash cycle.  The enzymes within this solutions will go to work in eating through the personal sweat and skin cells that have built up between the threads.  A bucket can be filled with enzyme solution and the gym clothing placed within it for 30-60 minutes to deodorize threads before washing them.  If smelly gym clothes is a regular problem this solution within the bucket can be kept and reused for future smelly clothing.

5. Deodorizing Detergent

An available product option is to use a deodorizing detergent to combat built-up odors within gym clothing.  Frebeze makes a special clothing detergent that was specifically design to remove odors from clothing fiber.  Though it can be challenging to find within some super markets, it is hailed by many consumers for it's success in ridding bodily odors from clothing.

 Get Clothing Home Without Smelling

A huge problem with workout clothing is that you may need to continue carrying it throughout your day.  When doing so, the last thing you want is for this sweaty odor to be associated with you.  The following solutions can help to ensure that the smelly association is never a problem.

1. Ziplock It

Beyond maintain liquids within a plastic pouch, ziplocks also work well at containing smells. Make sure that you bring a ziplock bag with you gym clothes so that they can be placed within them after your workout.  It is also advisable that you bring a small amount of baking soda to sprinkle on the clothes.  This will help to control the negative effects this solution might have in infusing nasty smells within the gym clothing fiber.  As a note of precaution, be sure that you remove the clothing from the ziplock bag as soon as you get home.  Failure to do so can cause the sweat to permeate into the clothing fiber and cause the stench to worsen.

2. Dress Light

Dressing light is great for several reason while working out.  It is easier to treat these type of clothing and fit within a ziplock bag that must also fit within your day bag. Also, because they are light, they breathe better and cause you to sweat less.  By sweating less, a lower about of odorous organic get within the fiber.  Finally, because the clothing is light, there is less room for odorous residues to hide within the fiber.

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