How Seniors Can Get Smell Out of a Jersey

No matter what sport you are playing that involves a jersey, it is likely that the jersey will end up smelling bad if you play it long enough. The sour stench of excreted sweat gets within the polyester fiber and is never easily removed.

Though this sporty funk can be a challenge foe, there remain several household solutions for combating and have you jersey smelling fresh again. By using the below suggestions, the personal stink within your team’s jersey be eliminated and left smelling like new.

Jersey Deodorizing Solutions

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1. Baking Soda + Wash Cycle

This kitchen ingredient has excellent absorption capabilities and can work wonders in lifting bodily odors from jerseys. Place the jersey in the washing machine along with the detergent as normal. Start the washer and add a measured half scoop of baking soda within the mix once the water has filled within the rinse cycle. This will help to assure that the baking soda mixes in with the water and does not clump onto the jersey. After the wash cycle is over the baking soda will have given the jersey an extra deodorizing boost.

2. White Vinegar + Machine Wash

As another deodorizing kitchen ingredient, the natural acid within vinegar can work well in cutting through the bodily stench within the jersey. Similarly, the addition of white vinegar to a cycle within the washing machine can have a powerful effect in freshen the jersey clothing fiber. Measure a full cup of white vinegar and pour it within the wash cycle along with the normal clothing detergent. Upon end of the machine's cycle, the jersey may will have replaced the sweaty smell with the slight aroma of white vinegar. This acidic scent will go away as soon as the jersey has completely dried.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide Soak

Soaking the jersey within hydrogen peroxide can be highly effective for light colored jerseys. This solution has a minor bleaching effect, so it may not be the best idea to use on dark jersey colors. Begin this method by mixing a solution of one part hydrogen peroxide with five parts water within a bucket. Proceed to dunk the jersey within the mixture and allow for it to soak for 60-90 minutes. Upon completion, place the jersey through a normal detergent washing machine cycle.

4. Use OxiClean

This product solution utilizes similar chemical compounds as hydrogen peroxide and works well in freshening clothing like smelly jerseys. Mix a solution of Oxiclean within a bucket and submerge you stinky jersey within the product formula for 40-60 minutes. Since this product solution does share some similar compound with hydrogen peroxide it may be a good idea to shorten the soaking time with dark jersey colors. After soaking, you can finish by placing the freshened jersey through an entire wash cycle.

5. Air Dry In Sun

As a final deodorizing step, consider hanging the jersey outside within direct sunlight to air dry. This is a much more effective at deodorizing than running through the dryer where the smell could potential return. Hanging the outside within the sun will allow it to benefit from the open space, fresh air and UV rays which will work to neutralizing any remaining odor and lift it away.

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