How Seniors Can Get Smell Out of Leather Couch

After much use, leather couches can easily adopt a smokey or bodily stench.  It can be quite off-putting to anyone sitting on the piece of furniture, and make the owner question if it is time to redecorate the living space with a new sofa.

Fortunately, the odor can be treated and eliminated through use of a handful of household deodorizing techniques.  By using the below solutions you can rid yourself of the built-up odor within your couch, so you will be able to comfortably use it for several more years to come.

Leather Couch Smell Removal Tips

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1. Day In the Sun

Placing a leather outside in the sun can work to remove a variety of odors ranging from cigarette smoke to bodily odors.   Wait for a sunny day, and move the leather couch outdoors for placement within a spot that will receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight.  If the leather continue to stink after one day, try continuing this routine for a second or even third day until the odor is gone.

2. Diluted White Vinegar

This mild household acid can work wonders in eliminating built-up odors embedded within a leather couch.  Mix a diluted solution of one part white vinegar to eight parts warm water within a small bucket or large bowl.  Dunk a clean hand towl within the mixture, lift, and squeeze out the excess fluids before applying to the leather couch and wiping down all affect areas.  Once completed, provide 2-3 hours for the solution to naturally air dry away.

3. Vodka Spritz

This alcoholic drink has the capability to neutralize on contact and dry away odorously.  Fill a generic spray bottle with a small amount of the this spirit and proceed to spray down all affected areas of the leather couch.  Next, follow this spray by wiping down the surface to even out the spray and catch any missed spot with a vodka damped hand towel.  After 30-45 minutes the vodka should likely be evaporated and leaving a freshen leather couch behind.

4. Rubbing Alcohol

Similar to vodka, rubbing alcohol works to eliminate surface odors on leather couches through it's inherent active ingredient.  The alcohol neutralizes the smelly residue on contact and also dries away odor-free.  Mix a solution of one part rubbing alcohol with eight parts warm water within a large bowl.  Dunk a hand towel within the mixture and proceed to wipe down the affected areas of the couch and provide a day for the mixture to evaporate.

5. Lemon Juice Mist

The citric acid within this natural juice works to cut through several odors within leather fiber.  Mix a formula of one part lemon juice with five parts water inside a generic spray bottle and proceed to thoroughly mist down the smelly location of the leather couch.   Once completed, provide the remainder of the day to air dry before putting the couch back within use.

6. Baking Soda Zip-in

Baking soda can have great results at working on the leather cushions of a couch from the inside out.  If the cushions have a zipper built in, unzip a portion and and pour a 1/4 cup of baking soda within each cushion.  Once pour zip closed and give the cushion a good shake allowing the powder to spread out within the leather casing.  Over the course of the next few weeks this solution will work to freshen the seat area of the leather couch.

For myself
69 Years

If I can't take this huge leather sofa outside should I open up the curtains and let the sun shine in....I need help getting this oder out of my sofa..

Brad K
For myself
77 Years
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Tried the following so far on the back of a used leather lazyboy. Previously
owner had layers of upper body sweat smeared into the leather with leather
oil. Hard to get out.
Currently leather is set out on the sunny balcony for a few days. 1 day still
Tried vinegar and water. Seemed to just clean the leather.
Tried alcohol and water. Continued to clean the leather.
Tried soap and baking soda. Did'nt quite get rid of the smell at all.
So time in the sun I think may help most after removing top layers of oil.
Then will re-oil.

For myself
77 Years
Aurora, Illinois

How can we remove a dirty butt kind of smell from our pretty leather
loveseats? They seem to have absorbed body sweat or dog smells or something
into whatever they are stuffed with. When you get up from it your clothes have
a putrid smell absorbed into them if you sit there very long. It is horrible,
and we have nowhere else to sit and watch movies. Help!

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