How Seniors Can Get Smell Out of Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a great accessory for modern living and provide exceptional protection for motorcycle activities. However, once smell develops within the material, leather jackets are often very challenging to clean and deodorize.

Sweat and skin particles can often build up and produce an unwanted musty stink. Likewise, other external smells from vomit, gasoline, perfume and beverages can present there own difficulties.

Smell Removal Solutions

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1. Fresh Air

A steady breeze and open space can do much to remove smell from a leather jacket.  Place the jacket on a clothes lines and allow for it to hang for at least 24 hours.  As a note of precaution, check the daily weather report to ensure that you wont be leaving your jacket out in harsh conditions.

2. Sun

Providing the jacket direct sunlight can help in neutralizing external surface odors.  Place the jacket in the sun for a minimum of 8 hours to allow the UV rays work to wipe out odor causing residue.  After a day in the sun, much of the odor will be lifted off.

3. White Vinegar

The chemical properties within white vinegar can help in cutting through odors within a leather jacket.  Mix a solution of one part white vinegar with five parts water, and pour within a spray bottle. Spray down the entire leather jacket ensuring that all affected areas are moist.  The leather jacket can quickly air dry by hanging it our doors for the day.

4. Vodka

This party drink can work wonders in eliminating odors within leather jackets.  The alcohol within the drink help to neutralize smell on the spot.  Spray leather jacket down, ensuring that all of the affected portions of the jacket have been misted by the substance.  Hang jacket and allow to air dry as the alcohol quickly evaporates off.

5. Baking Soda

This household ingredient has a great capacity for absorbing odors.  Place the jacket in a remote corner of a room and sprinkle heavy quantities of baking soda on top of the jacket.  Allow the baking soda to absorb the unwanted smell over the course of 5-7 days.  After a week has passed, return to take the jacket out side and shake the powder of the jacket.

6. Activated Charcoal

This substance can take time to remove odors, however with sufficient time it can be a very effective solution.  Put several activated charcoal briquettes within a pair of old nylon stockings.  Place nylon enclosed activated charcoal and leather jacket within an enclosed cardboard box for 5-7 days.  After a week has passed, return to remove freshened jacket.

7. Borax

This substance works similar to activated charcoal.  Pour borax within an open brown bag and place with leather jacket within and enclosed cardboard box.  After 5-7 days have passed, return to remove the odor-free jacket.

For myself
51 Years
Tempe, Arizona

I have tried many of these before - some of them work. To get the smell out
temporarily, I like using febreeze sheets. But for the past couple of months,
I have tried using this solution called leather-clean I can wash leather in
water - it's pretty cool and super effective.

For myself
43 Years
McKinney, Texas

Perhaps some of these smell removal methods can be used to remove odor from a
leather bag. Is your bag leather?

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