How to Get Smell Out of Mattress

With all that goes on top of beds, it is surprising that they don’t get more smelly than they do. However, when an unnatural bodily odor develops within them, it can often be challenging to remove the smell and return them to normal.

 Though it can be difficult to remove urine, vomit and nighttime activity related odors from mattresses, there remain some tried and true ways to accomplish this task.

Deodorizing Mattress Solutions

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1. White Vinegar Soakdown

This household acid can work wonders in eliminating embedded odors within mattresses.  Mix a solution of one part white vinegar with 10 parts warm water and pour it over specific odorous locations within the mattress.  This soaking methodology works well in dealing with difficult urine, vomit or food odors within the fiber.  After the vinegar has had 2-3 hours to fully soak into the mattress, proceed to blot dry the location with a clean dry towel.

2. Baking Soda Sprinkle

This kitchen powder has the unique capability of absorbing unwanted odors from a variety of items throughout the home.  Sprinkling heavy quantities of baking soda over the top of the mattress and sealing with a fitted sheet can help in absorbing lesser odors.  Allow the baking soda to sit for  several days as it pulls out unwanted stenches and freshens the mattress fiber.

3. Eat Through It with Enzymes

Use of an enzyme cleaner works by harnessing the power of active enzymes to literally eat through the difficult residues within the mattress.  This solution is highly effective and can be purchased at pet stores and large supermarkets and is well worth the trip to store.  Pour the enzyme deodorizing solution over the affected location on the mattress until the area is sufficiently moist.  Once completed, allow the solution to sit for 24-48 hours before blot drying with a clean dry towel.

4. Outdoors in Sun

The open space, fresh air and ultraviolet rays will all help in neutralizing odors within the mattress.  This methodology is best for light to medium odors within mattress that may cover large areas of space.  Wait for a sunny day and place the mattress outside on a clean surface in direct sunlight.  Be sure to place the mattress within a location that can receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight for that day. If the odor remains after the first days treatment, try placing it a second or third day within the sun.

5. Vodka Mist

This alcoholic drink does more than serving as the lifeblood of parties.  Vodka neutralizing most odors on contact and then dries away odorlessly.  Since vodka can be expensive, this solution works well with small areas within a mattress that is experiencing odors.  Pour vodka within a generic spray bottle and proceed to spray down the smelly areas within the mattress.  To speed the drying, windows within the bedroom can be opened to allow fresh air to sweep through and provide and faster evaporation time.

6. Citrus Spray

The citric acid within lemon juice works well at cutting through challenging odors within a mattress. Mix one part lemon juice with ten parts warm water within and spray bottle.  Proceed to spray down all of the affected areas of the mattress with heavy quantities of the mixture ensuring that the solution moderately soaks into the mattress.   Allow for the lemon juice solution to set in for 1-2 hours before returning to blot dry the location from moisture.

7. Product Spray

On short notice, a deodorizing product spray can be used to cover and eliminate minor odors found within mattresses.  Products like Glade or Febreze can be used to spray down the mattress surface and provide a 2-3 hours for the product moisture to naturally evaporate away.

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100% Money Back Guarantee