How to Get Smell Out of New Jeans

So, you’ve just purchased a smelly pair of new jeans.  The smell within the new jeans almost always steams from the dyes that are used during the creation of the color and shade of the fabric.  This is why darker jeans are often the more affected by this unpleasant dye related arroma.

Fortunately, there are several things that can be done to remove this unwelcome odor and add a bit of freshness within your brand new jeans.  By following some of the below home remedies, you can be sure that you jeans will be smelling fresh and will not require them to be return to the store that they were originally purchased.

Household New Jeans Deodorizing Solutions

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1. Machine Wash with Baking Soda

Baking soda has the power to add a boost to just about any washing machine cycle.  Within a normal detergent wash, add in a full cup of baking soda and run the cycle on the highest possible temperature.  This household ingredient will work to soften the fabric while absorbing much of the unwanted chemical dye odor within the new jeans.

2. White Vinegar Rinse & Spin

Similar to baking soda, the mild acid within white vinegar can effectively reduce the amount of chemical odor within new jeans.  Measure a full cup of white vinegar and add within a normal detergent wash 5 minutes within the cycle.  As a note of precaution, you will need to completely dry the jeans before you can tell if the chemical odor has been removed.   Though white vinegar will dry away odorlessly, it contains a sharp smell and will be present while the new jeans are still wet.

3. Dunk within Enzyme Cleaner

If you have failed to find any success with the above methods, you may want to consider dunking the smelly new jeans within a tub of enzyme cleaner.  The active enzymes within this formula will literally go to work in eating through and neutralizing the odorous dyes within the fabric.  Using a large bowl with it with hot water and enzyme cleaner within equal parts and dunk the new jeans within the solution.  Allow the solution to sit for 4-5 hours before removing from the mixture and running the jeans through a normal detergent wash.

4. Hang Within Sun

Hanging you new jeans to dry within the sun is a natural way to give the clothing fiber an additional deodorizing boost.  The fresh air, open space and ultraviolet rays will help to naturally neutralize any existing chemical odors within the fiber of the new jeans and work to lift it off.  As a note of precaution, if the jeans have not dried after a full day within the sun it is recommended that you finish drying them within the drying machine to prevent the jeans from developing any type of mildew odor.  In such cases, the jeans can be further aided within the dryer by adding a clothing softener within the cycle.

5. Activated Charcoal – Deodorize New Jeans Without Washing

Often we can find ourselves within a quandary with new jeans.  If we wash them they will be difficult to return, and if they continue to smell we would prefer to return them.  Fortunately, by using activated charcoal, you will be able to find out if the odor can be removed within a weeks time without needing to wash them.  To begin, place several activated charcoal briquettes within an old pair of nylon leggings.  Proceed to wrap the new jeans around the nylon enclosed activated charcoal until you are left with a ball.  Place this within an enclosed cardboard box and allow a minimum of 7 days for the activated charcoal to absorb the chemical odor from the jeans.  If the odor exist after a week, you can safety return the jeans to the store with purchasing tags and original folds.

New Jeans Deodorizing Product Solutions

1. Febreze Clothing Detergent

This detergent can come in use for deodorizing new jeans as it is specifically engineered to to eliminate unpleasant odors.  Though many have claimed that it can be challenging to find with in grocery stores, it has yet to receive negative assessments within any product reviews.  When using Febreze detergent within your wash cycle, you can further increase it's effectiveness by setting the washing machine to the hottest water setting allowable by your jean's fabric.

2. Oxiclean

The chemical mixture within Oxiclean is fantastic at getting deep within clothing fiber to rid your new jeans of chemical odors.  Mix Oxiclean with water as directed within a large bowl, and place the jeans within the mixture to soak for 3-4 hours.  After this time period has passed you can place the new jeans through a normal detergent wash.  Alternatively, Oxiclean can be added to a normal detergent wash to give it an added deodorizing boost.

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My wife loves to wear her jeans new, unwashed. I can't stand that chemical
smell though. I've heard about the baking soda and the vinegar before. But the
charcoal is a very clever suggestion. She can still wear her jeans new, but I
don't have to put up with the smell.

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