How to Get Smell Out of Nose

When we have sniffed something that is especially foul, a residual stink can develop within the nose. This is often the result of odorous particles making their way within the nose and lining the walls of the nostrils.

Although many people rely on waiting it out and allowing their nostrils to aerate, there are a handful of solutions for speeding the freshening process. By following the below solutions, your nostrils will be cleared to freshly smell whatever it is the you like.

Solutions for Removing Smell from Nose

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1. Homemade Nasal Deodorizer

A. Gather Sport Water Bottle + Baking Soda + Salt

You make your own household nose cleaner from a range of household ingredients. You will need to track down a sport water bottle, some baking soda and salt. The salt will work to allow the fluid to go into your body without it immediately rejecting it, while the baking soda provides a deodorizing effect. You will need to make sure your sort water bottle contains a suction nipple for this solution to provide desired results. See example in adjacent photo ->

B. Mix Ingredients

You will want to partially fill a clean sports water bottle with a cup of warm water and teaspoon of baking soda and salt. Next, you will need to close the cap and give the mixture a good shake to ensure that the salt and baking soda completely dissolves within the mixture.

C. Apply to Nose

To apply, you will need to open the valve on the water bottle's nipple and press the opening against one of your nostrils while creating an airtight connection. Tilt head silty and begin to squeeze the bottle and allow the deodorizing substance to flow through your nasal passage way. You will then need to proceed to doing this with the other nostril to completely wipe out the unwelcome aroma within your nose.

2. Nasal Spray + Baking Soda

A. Apply Baking Soda

As the preliminary step, you will need to apply baking soda within your nose. This is best accomplished by moistening your finger and sticking it within a mound of baking soda. This will cause heavy amounts of baking soda to naturally clump to your finger. Next, you will need to stick and then twist your finger deep within your nose. Twisting finger will ensure that much of the powder will reside within the walls of you nostrils. Once both nostril walls are covered in baking soda, you may appear to have a dangerous drug habit, but rest assured that baking soda is doing it's job.

B. Squirt Nasal Spray

After applying baking soda, proceed to use two bursts of your nasal spray within each nostril. This will help to dilute the baking soda and allow the deodorizing powder to work it's magic deep within your nasal passage way. Finish by blowing nose and wiping away any baking soda remaining on nostrils.

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