How Seniors Can Get Smell Out of Pipes

Though pipes run throughout your house and drain fluids within a number of rooms, there exist common sources of odor. These unpleasant smells can be quite distracting and often be an element of discomfort within the affected room.

Fortunately, there exist a range of solutions for eliminating these odors to add freshness within your home. By following some of the below solutions, you can be sure that the stench emanating from within your pipes will be a thing of the past.

Common Smell Removal Solutions for Pipes

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1. Hot Water

Running hot water within your pipes prior to applying a deodorizing solution will work to expand the interior of the pipe and loosen much of the debris. This works well in combination with some of the below solutions by delivering an added boost to an existing chemical reaction.

2. Build Up Remover

Often chemical cleaners can only do so much in neutralizing built up organics and bacterial within pipes. Often what is needed is a device to hook onto hair and larger debris that would otherwise stay fixed within their location. Though these product do not combat the bacteria they do their part at removing obstructions within the pipe where odorous bacteria live.

 Chemical Smell Removal Solutions for Pipes

1. Pour White Vinegar

This household substance works well in combating odors by delivering a mild acid that will eat through build-up and gunk from a pipe's interior walls. To apply, run hot water for 5 minutes prior to pouring vinegar within the pipe. Follow this step by pouring half a gallon of white vinegar down your pipe. Be sure to avoid running the water following this to allow some time for the vinegar to work it's magic. After an hour has passed, run the water on hot for 10 minutes to wash away the last of the buildup within the pipes.

2. Baking Soda Mixture

The kitchen ingredient works within a number of smelly household problems by absorbing the odor. Mix a half gallon solution of one part baking soda with ten parts hot water. Run the water on hot for 10 minutes before turning the faucet off and proceeding to pour the baking soda mixture down the pipe. Allow the baking soda solution to rest within the pipe for 2-3 hours before running the hot water again for 10 minutes.

3. Squeeze Lemon Juice

The citrus acid within lemon juice can work well at eating through bacteria within pipes. To develop this deodorizing solution, mix one cup of lemon juice within a half gallon of hot water. Run hot water for 10 minutes prior to application before turning the faucet off, and pouring the solution down the pipe. Allow for a 3 hour break from running the faucet before running hot water for another 15 minutes.

4. Use a Enzyme Cleaner

This type of cleaning and deodorizing solution works by harnessing active enzymes that literally eat through odorous organics and bacteria. Though this solution is normally used for pet related odors, it can be effective on combating unwanted smells found within pipes. Run hot water 10 minutes before application, providing 2-3 hours for the enzyme cleaner to be at rest within the pipework before running the faucet. After this time period has passed, run hot water for 15 minutes. Enzyme cleaning solutions can be found in pet stores and at most large supermarkets.

Jacqueline Correia
For myself
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Memphis, Tennessee

I have recently taken residence in a 5 wheeler. I have noticed that when I
turn the water on in any sink or shower in here, there is a very unpleasant
odor that seems to emanate from the faucets, not the drains. Any
recommendations for this foul situation??

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