How Seniors Can Get Smell Out of Purse

Since a purse is carried everywhere, it is exposed to all kinds of smelly situations. If you have gone to a smokey bar or a concert recently, you may be able to get away with fudging about your whereabouts, but your purse will tell a different story. It will reek of stale smoke for some time after the fact. You can even run into a stank issue if you buy a purse a vintage bag. The only thing worse than smelling funk that you were present for is when your purse reeks from someone else’s smoke. You don’t want to be gagging every time you reach into your bag to get something; you need to get your purse freshened up right away. This guide will give you pointers for how to get smell out of purse.

Smoke is not the only kind of smell that can be caught hiding in an otherwise great bag. You can also find a musty or moldy smell has invaded a purse, especially if it has been previously used. In some cases, a new purse will smell less than fresh and you will need to deal with the ugh-ly aroma before you can start toting your own stuff around in it. The sooner you can deal with the problem, the sooner you will be able to enjoy your new (or new to you) bag.

How to Get Smell Out of Purse: Solutions for Fabric Bags

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1. Dryer Sheet Scrunch

Dryer sheets aren't just for freshening your laundry. Grab one in a scent you like and scrunch it in your hand. Place it inside your purse and leave it for a few days to absorb any offensive odors where they are hiding. If the purse has several compartments or pockets, consider using a separate dryer sheet in each one.

2. Take the Problem Outside

Fresh air and sunshine can resolve a lot of smell issues.  Give your bag a sniff to determine whether the smell is on the outside only or if it has penetrated to the inside as well. If it is inside your purse, turn the bag inside out and hang it outside for a day or two. If not, hang it up as is to freshen up your clutch, tote or what have you.

3. Panitliner Freshen-Up

This solution to how to get smell out of purse may seem a bit out there, but it is an effective way to deal with the issue. Take two scented pantiliners and remove the paper backing. Put them together so that the sticky side is facing the sticky side. You now have a double-sided deodorizer for the the purse. Tuck it inside the bag and seal it up. Leave it in place for up to a week to eliminate lingering odors.

Remove Smell from a Leather Purse

1. Pour Some Baking Soda on It

Baking soda is a good, all-purpose product to get rid of nasty smells. It won't damage a leather purse. Place the bag on a clean towel and open a fresh box of baking soda. Pour the contents all over the bag and cover with another clean towel. Leave the baking soda on the bag for two or three days and give it a sniff. You can repeat the process, if necessary.

2. Charcoal Odor Remover

If you are having trouble getting the smell of smoke out of a leather purse, try using charcoal pellets to get the stink out. Go to a store that sells fish and fish tanks and ask for the type of charcoal that is used in tank filters. Pour the charcoal into a thin sock or an old stocking and tie it shut. Place it inside the purse and leave it for a few days before checking to see whether the smell is still there. If you still notice a smell, leave the charcoal in place  and check again in a few more days.

3. Freeze Out the Stank

Freezing out a smell can work if you are dealing with a mildew odor, but you need to be careful. Wrap the purse in paper, and then place it in a paper or garbage bag before you put it in the freezer. Leave it in place for a few hours. When you remove it from the freezer, put it down carefully and don't touch the purse until it warms up to room temperature on its own.

4. Knock it Out with Coffee Grounds

Take an old pair of pantyhose and pour some coffee grounds in them. Tie a knot in the top and place inside the purse. Zip or close the bag. Check the purse in a few days to check on the progress of your odor removal experiment. If you are still smelling smoke in your bag, replace the coffee grounds and reseal it. Keep replacing until all the stink is gone.

5. Citrus Solution

A creative solution for getting the smell out of a leather bag is to place a small piece of orange or lemon skin in the purse. For best results, put it on a piece of paper to avoid transferring any natural oils onto the inside of the bag . You want to avoid staining it.

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