How Seniors Can Get Smell Out of Room

There are several reasons that a room can become smelly, and the cause is often something that can produce embarrassment among friends and family.  This is why it is important to eliminate this odor before you have your next visitor.

This guide will cover a variety of smells and offer broad solutions that will ensure that just about any smell can be remove from your room.  By following the below tips you will increase your odds of eliminating your indoor odor.

General Household Solutions

The general household solutions work within nearly any room within a house.  By applying a combination these functions, you can ensure that the odor is eliminated.

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1. Open Windows

The first step you should preform with any odor is to open the windows within the room.  This will help in aerating the space and allow a fresh breeze to sweep the smell outdoors.

2. Move Smelly Items Outdoors

If the odor is identifiable and portable, proceed to move the smelly item outside where it will have less of an impact.  Once such an item is placed outdoors, most rooms will quickly return to normal without for cleaning.

3. Baking Soda

As a deodorize powder, baking soda works wonders at removing stenches from a variety of things.  It can be mixed with water or simply sprinkled over the location that is experiencing odor.  In either case, allow 24 hours for the baking soda to set in and absorb the unwanted smell before returning to clean it up.

4. White Vinegar

As a household ingredient, white vinegar is fantastic for getting deep down within fibers within a room to neutralize odors. It can be poured, wiped or spray on various locations within the room, and usually requires a minimum of 24 hours to set into stenches to eliminate odors.

5. Vodka

This drink has been used for generations as a household solution for odors. Either pour or spray onto odorous locations and allow it to naturally air dry.  As the liquid set in and evaporates much of the odor will be carried off.

Shahbaz Tabassum
For myself
33 Years

How can i get rid from a smell of a dead lizard in my room?
Please Guide.

For myself
70 Years
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Hey I picked up a body odor from a relatives house. It got In my jacket and I
waged my jacket with my other clothes. Now the smell is on them and my couch
because I laid there and was sweating. Now people say I have body odor. What
can I do I have used vinegar and baking soda as body powder and even in my

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