How Seniors Can Get Smell Out of Sheets

The majority of the population spend one third of their lifetime tucked in-between sheets.  Given this amount of time, it is not surprising that sweat, skin particles and other build up will accumulate and begin to smell.

Fortunately, there are several ways to deodorize sheets and scare off any unwelcome body odors.  Within this guide, several solutions are provided for freshening sheets, whether you have the time to use a washing machine or not.

Smell Removal Solutions

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1. Hot Water

Using hot water within your wash is an essential part of freshening sheets.  The heat within the wash cycle has the effect of expanding the stitching to allow easy access of the washing detergent.  The better access the detergent has, the greater effect it will have in removing unwanted odors.

2. Baking Soda

This household ingredient is highly effective at absorbing odors from linens, and adding a boosts to regular detergent wash cycles. Before starting a normal detergent wash of your sheets, measure a full cup of baking soda and add within the washer.  The baking soda will deliver the added benefit of making the sheets color brighter and the fabric softer.

3. Febreze Detergent

This detergent product produced by Febreze is made especially for removing odors during the wash cycle.  Though many have complained that it is challenging to find within grocery and drug stores, it remains highly effective at removing bodily odors during the wash cycle.  In this writers experience, this product works best when it is used in combination with normal washing detergent.

Mildew Smell Solutions

When sheets have become wet and are not dried immediately after, they have the potential of developing a distinct mildew odor within the fabric's fiber.

1. Bleach or Color Safe Bleach

This solution is highly effective at cutting through odor producing mold spore to eliminate musty smells found within sheets.  Allow the wash cycle to fill with water and add in a cup of bleach within the wash.  Depending upon the color of the sheets, you may want to consider the use of color safe bleach to maintain the fabric hue.

2. White Vinegar

Similar to bleach, the acid within white vinegar works well at striping mildew odors from sheets to have them smelling fresh.  Within a normal detergent wash, measure a full cup of white vinegar and add within the wash cycle.  While this substance may seem potent, it will become completely odorless once placed within the dryer.

Hang Dry Solutions

While there exists a science to removing odors within the washer, there also are ways to eliminate additional odors during the drying process.

1. Hang Dry Sheets

Placing moist sheets on a clothes line within direct sunlight is by far the most effective way to deodorize them during the drying process. The ultraviolet rays, open space and fresh breeze will work to carry away residual odors while it evaporates. As a small drawback, this solution will leave sheets stitching feeling rather stitch and uncomfortable.

2. Fabric Softners

As an alternative to hanging sheets, using fabric softener within the dryer can have a beneficial impact of lasting odors.  Before beginning dryer, added 2-3 sheets within dry cycle.  Unlike air drying, this option will leave the sheets feeling incredibly soft.

Smell Solutions Without Washing

When covering up sheet odors, there is often not enough time to place them within a complete washer and dryer cycle.  In such a pinch, it is important to have the following solutions to use on a moments notice.

1. Vodka

This party drinks does more than deliver an enjoyable buzz.The alcohol within the mixture gets within the fiber of sheets and quickly neutralizes odors as it evaporates  away.  Fill a spray bottle with vodka and spray down the sheets on the bed, providing 20-30 minutes for the alcohol to drying away and leave the sheets smelling fresh.

2. White Vinegar Spray

This compound can be used on a short notice.  Fill a spray bottle with one part white vinegar and four parts water, and spray down all of the sheets on the bed.  Provide 30-60 minutes for the solution to evaporate.  Windows can be opened and a fan can be run within the room to expedite the evaporation of the moisture.

3. Febreze

This product is highly effective on when you need to quickly deodorize your sheets.  Spray down the sheets on the bed and allow for them to air dry over the course of 20-30 minutes.

For myself
71 Years

I have stress - night sweating which has ruined a mattress even though I washed sheets and blankets every 2-3 days and has a waterproof pad under my body. I have some blankets that have a terrible smell that I cant get out with normal washing. I have used OXI-CLEAN and white vinegar and washed several times. I sweat mainly from my back and feet. Please help me!

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