How to Get Smell Out of Shoes

When smell arrises within your shoes it is important to neutralize the odors as soon as possible.  Pungent fumes develop and only grow worse with time.  They are transmitted into your feet and effectively consume fresh air, leaving behind a less than desired musk.

In order to wipeout these nasty orders, the solutions offered within this guide can direct you to fresher feet.  By following the below tips, you can increase your odds of eliminating the unwelcome aromas inhabiting your shoes.

Deodorizing Shoe Solutions

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1. Rotate Shoes

If you find yourself regularly wearing the same shoes on a daily basis, you may find that an a foot odor continue returns within your shoes. This is because shoes need a break every one to two days to air out and all the sweat from the previous days of wear to dry. If deprived of this refreshing window of time, shoes odors often increase and become a challenging task to deodorize.

2. Baking Soda Shuffle

This household absorbent powder has been used for decades to treat difficult foot odors within shoes. Keep baking soda within close proximity of bed and add in 1/4 cup of baking soda with each shoe, making sure to shuffle the shoe to spread the powder out along the interior to allow it to reach the toes area of the shoe. Once complete, Allow the baking soda to sit over night while it absorbs the day's odors. For especially repugnant foot odors, the baking soda may need 24-48 to complete freshen the interior.

3. White Vinegar Wads

This household acid is highly effective at eliminating odors within shoes. First, wad up several paper towels, and place then aside. Then, mix a solution of one part white vinegar to three parts water and lightly dip the wadded paper towels within the solution so that the fringes become slightly moistened. Finally, stuff the white vinegar dipped wads within the shoes until they fill up all of the remaining space. Allow the wads to remain within the shoes for 24 hours before removing the paper towels and letting the shoes air out for an entire day.

4. Enzyme Crumple

In a similar fashion to the white vinegar remedy, active enzymes can be harnessed to literally eat through the odorous organics within your shoes. Wad up crumple up several paper towels, and place them aside. Pour a small amount of enzyme cleaner within a bowl and proceed to dip the tips of the crumpled paper towels within the solution and stuff them within the shoes. Once completed, allow a day for the product solution to work its magic before removing the paper towels from the freshened footwear.

5. Half Scoop of Kitty Litter

Similar to baking soda, fresh cat litter can work to absorb unpleasant odors within your shoes. Add a quarter cup of this solution into each shoe and shuffle until the material has covered the lining of the interior making its way down to the toe region.  Allow the cat litter to sit within the shoe overnight and then pour the content back within a litter container within the morning for reuse at a future date.

6. Solar Rays & Fresh Air

Placing shoes outdoors in direct sunlight can have an incredible freshening effect on them.  Wait for a sunny day, and place them the shoes somewhere within the yard where they are sure to receive a minimum of 8 hours of direct sunlight.  During this time the UV ray, open space and fresh air will all work to eliminate the stench.  If smell remains after a single day, a second or third day in the sun is sure to do the trick.

7. Coffee Ground Bundles

Though these grounds are meant for a morning brew, they maintain impressive absorption capabilities.  Place the two teaspoon of coffee grounds within 4-6 coffee filters, and proceed to pull the filter edges together and seal the coffee in with rubber bands. Proceed to stuff 2-3 of these coffee ground bundles within the interior of each shoes and provide 24-48 hours for them to absorb the foot related odor and leave a gentile aroma of coffee behind.  If shoes area especially moist within the interior, this solution may not be be ideal as this may cause brown staining within the shoe.

8. Activated Charcoal Inserts

If you have the time, using activated charcoal inserts within your shoes can work well to remove the odor and maintain a fresh environment with continued use.   Place 3-4 charcoal briquettes within each foot of an old pair of nylon leggings.  Cut the leggings to separate the legs and tie the coal within.  Proceed to stick the nylon enclosed activated charcoal briquettes down within the interior of the shoes and provide 5-7 days for all of the foot related odor to be absorbed.  Finally, you can continue to use this solution at night to maintain fresh smelling shoes.

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