How to Get Smell Out of Sneakers

Sneakers are the often worn and reliable footwear used for a variety of events and activities within daily life.  After much use, pervasive odors can build to develop an elusive and pungent odor.

Since these types of shoes are worn so regularly, you may need to place them on hiatus to properly treat and deodorize.   By following the below solutions, you can be sure that the foot-related odor inhabiting your favorite kicks will be a thing of the past.

Deodorizing Solutions for Sneakers

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1. Place Outdoors in Sun

Placing sneakers outside in the sun is often the first line of defense in removing any foot related odor problem. The fresh air, open space and ultra violet rays of the sun will all go to work in neutralizing the stench and returning freshness within the sneakers.  During a sunny day, place your sneakers outside in the sun during the morning and allow for them to soak in solar rays for 8-10 hours.  If the smell remains after an entire day within the sun, simply repeat the next day until the odor is gone.

2. Rotate Your Kicks

Wearing the same pair of shoes every day is never a good idea. Besides the social repercussions, the build up of sweat and skin particles can accumulate and never receive the needed window to properly dry out and deodorize. If shoe odor is a regular problem, try to give every pair of shoes a minimum of 24 hours to air out after wearing them.

3. Sprinkle Baking Soda Regularly

Baking soda is a powerful household powder for absorbing and eliminating foot-related odors within sneakers.  This solution works well for the sneaker owner who wears the same pair of footwear on a daily basis.  Pour a small amount of baking soda within sneaker every night making sure to shuffle the shoes slightly to ensure that the deodorizing powder makes it's way down the toe away of the shoe.  Keeping a box of baking soda close to your bedside is an easy way to remember to treat your shoes every night before going to bed.

4. Pour Cat Litter In

This compound can work for more than deodorizing your kittens droppings. Pouring a small scoop of this pet product within the interior of your sneakers will have the positive effect of drying any moisture and absorbing foot related stench. For a few nights in a row, pour cat litter within shoes to ensure that all remaining bacteria has been eliminated and the smell has been removed.

5. Fresh Coffee Grounds

Although you may be more acquainted with coffee grounds within the morning, they can have positive effects if properly used at night.  The coffee grounds will work to gently absorb the foot related odors and replace it with the subtle scent of coffee beans.  Place coffee grounds within an coffee filter than has been enclosed with a rubber band.  After  creating two of these for each shoe, place them within the sneakers before going to bed. After 2-3 nights of placing thiese coffee ground filter balls with the shoes the desire results should take effect in delivering freshened footwear.

6. Enzyme Cleaning Wads

For truly difficult foot-related odors, using activated enzymes to literally eat through the odors can be an effective solution.  This type of cleaner is available for purchase at pet stores and most large supermarkets.  Wad up several paper towels and lightly dip them into a solution of enzyme cleaner.  Once you have done this with several paper towel, proceed to stuff the towels within the interior of the sneakers.  Once the sneakers have been completely stuffed with enzyme dipped paper towels, allow for them to sit for 24 hours to allow for the enzymes to work there magic.  After a day has passed, the paper towel wads can be removed and the freshened shoes can be placed back in use.                     

7. Activated Charcoal Inserts

If you have the time, this solution can help to remove foot-related odor and ensure that freshness is maintained within the shoes.  Place activated charcoal briquettes within an old pair of nylon leggings.  Proceed to place the nylon enclosed activated charcoal within the interior of the shoes before going to bed for 3-4 consecutive nights. The activated charcoal briquettes will work to slowly absorb the stench and maintain a fresh internal environment.  Please note, that the nylons play an important role of protecting the insides of your shoes from unwanted staining.

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